Transferring Shares

This page details the process of transferring shares to a mate as a gift. If you are looking to transfer shares for an inheritance, please email  instead of filling out this form

THe Process

Step 1 – Prep

Before any transfers can be set up, the new owner must be 18 yrs or older and have a MyRacehorse account. 


Step 2 – Submit a Transfer Request

Use the form on this page to submit your transfer request. Please make sure this form is only filled out once, since duplicate requests can cause issues for our transfer team.


Step 3 – Recipient Confirmation

Once we have the details of your transfer request, a member of our team will email the recipient with some questions to complete the transfer.  The recipient will also need to accept the Terms of Use and Disclosure Statement for the horse.


Step 4 – Share Transfer

If there are no issues with the recipient’s response, the share transfer will then be completed within 48 hours. 

Request form

Once completed, both the current and new owner will receive a confirmation email with all of the information entered below. 

Remember to notify the recipient of the gift, and ask  them to set up their own MyRacehorse account before submitting this form, so the surprise is not spoiled.

If you are looking to transfer shares for an inheritance, please email instead of filling out this form.