Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is MyRacehorse?
Elite horse racing ownership at an affordable price. MyRacehorse buys into horses across the country and offers fans the chance to own units in a managed investment scheme that owns, trains and manages the horse. MyRacehorse promotes ASIC compliant Managed Investment Schemes.
Are there any ongoing fees? What does the upfront payment cover?

The one upfront payment covers the following expenses, which means there is not a requirement for scheduled repayments ongoing in your micro-share ownership:

– Horse acquisition
– Ongoing training costs and vet fees
– Third Party Scheme fees
– Management fee

In the relevant horse’s case, the upfront payment covers the above expenses.

*One upfront payment amount is payable for the investment term described in the PDS. Refer to the PDS for full details.

What is a Managed Investment Scheme?
An unlisted unit trust which is registered with ASIC and accepts money from different Investors which is pooled and collectively used to; acquire & campaign the horse, and cover specific fees associated with the operation and management of the scheme. The Constitution and the Compliance Plan which detail how the scheme will be operated and monitored, have been lodged with ASIC.
What is a Micro-Share?

What we refer to as “micro-shares” are actually units in a managed investment scheme that owns the horse. We do this because in standard horse ownership there is a limit of up to 20 shares, where 1 share is equal to 5% of the horse (per the Australian Rules of Racing). Through the creation of managed investment schemes, MyRacehorse is able to divide this even further and offer micro-shares that represent an interest in the horse at a smaller level such as 0.025%, 0.01% and 0.001% per micro-share. 

Does MyRacehorse own 100% of every horse on offer?
No, our ownership percentage varies in all horses. On the “Buy” page you will be able to see our ownership partner (i.e Spendthrift) as well as the MyRacehorse stake in “Valuation”.

If we own 60% of a horse we offer 6,000 micro-shares at a value of 0.01%. So, whether we own 100%, 60% or even 10% of a horse – each micro-share is the same 0.01% percentage of the overall ownership interest.
What are the benefits of buying into a MyRacehorse runner over another syndicator?

You don’t have to break the bank to experience racing at the elite level with our Micro-Share ownership model. Buy in from at a lower ownership percentage and be involved in the MyRacehorse journey.

Our ambition is for you to experience the thrill of racing at the elite level. We focus on acquiring elite bloodstock to maximise our chances of finding a winner.

At our core – we love racing! MyRacehorse is building a community of passionate owners, providing members with access to ongoing events, exclusive content and hopefully some racetrack success along the way.

What am I entitled to as a shareholder in a MyRacehorse thoroughbred?
You own part of a horse! You will get to follow its progress as it makes its way from the paddock to the track, with quality updates from trainers, breeders, form analysts and more about how your horse is going. There will also be plenty of events where you’ll hear from the experts firsthand, mingle with other owners and most importantly, watch your horse run. You will also be entitled to a proportionate share of any prize money and sale proceeds from your horse.
How are share prices calculated for each runner?

We aim to provide as much transparency as possible, so we make it easy for you to see where your dollars are going. Part of the fee does include pre-paid expenses.


Our Micro-Share prices are a calculation based on a number of factors including (but not limited to); horse acquisition cost, bloodstock fee, management fee, insurance, training and vet expenses for the duration of the horse’s expected racing career.


There is a specific breakdown of where your micro-share payment goes into each of the above buckets on every individual horse’s offering page. 

How does MyRacehorse make money?

Our priority is always to ensure the best possible experience for our owners through elite horses, insider access and great events. To deliver this, there are a number of key elements of the pricing model: 1) the upfront Micro-Share price includes a Management fee (15% of final price) and a Bloodstock fee (5% of horse acquisition price) payable to MyRacehorse. 2) MyRacehorse is responsible for all of the ongoing horse expenses beyond the initial purchase price, and has the right to offset this against any prizemoney the horse earns. 3) MyRacehorse receives a performance fee of 7.5% of any prize money (only after any expenses have been offset) and 12.5% of any eventual sale price/breeding revenue post-racing.

Overall, we want all of our owners to get that winning feeling. Our intention is to find elite horses who can win enough prizemoney to cover their own ongoing expenses and more, so that when our horses win – we all win. MyRacehorse covers the ongoing expenses of any horses that don’t reach that level of success.

Can I share an account with another person?

At MyRacehorse, two people cannot share an account, as only one email can be attached to each account. In order for both of you to receive emails, both people must create an account and have micro-shares in the same horse.

Race Day

Am I guaranteed a race day ticket and mounting yard pass?

Race day ticketing and mounting yard access is limited, however we work closely with race clubs to accommodate as many owners as possible and will run ballots if numbers are limited. Where owners are unable to be accommodated we will organise offsite events so we can enjoy the thrills of racing together.

What colours will my horse run in?
We try to have as many of our horses as possible race in MyRacehorse colours. In the instance that we own a share in a horse with another breeder/owner we may take on their colours.
If my horse wins, do I receive a winning photo after the race?

All currently available winning photos from MyRacehorse, can be found via our MyRacehorse Memorabilia shop.


Click Here to visit the MyRacehorse Memorabilia Shop.

Are there any race club discounts being a MyRacehorse owner?
Currently there are no guaranteed discounts at race clubs. This is something the team are working on as the brand establishes it’s offering in the Australian market.

Our Horses

How are our horses selected and purchased?
We have a number of avenues for acquiring horses. Commonly, we attend the best yearling sales across the country, or we may look at private agreements with acquiring bloodstock from only the most respected and trusted breeders. Our horses undergo a highly scrutinized vet check and x-ray procedure before being offered to our customers. Additionally, we hire bloodstock agents to analyse pedigree and horse conformation before purchasing. We leverage a range of bloodstock and veterinary experts to assess every horse before we buy them and offer to owners.
Can we guarantee MyRacehorse runners will win?
Unfortunately, racing is a great game with no guarantees, so we can’t promise anything on the racetrack. However, we work with the industry’s best and carry out as much due diligence prior to purchasing as possible. We also send our horses to the best trainers in the country to give them the best chance to fulfill their potential. What we can guarantee is that you’ll be part of a thriving owner community and be able to follow your horse’s progress with expert analysis every step of the way.
How often do I get updates on my horse?

MyRacehorse strives for the best communication in the industry for all owners. 


In reality, updates are more or less frequent depending on where they are up to in their preparation, as well as which trainer is training the horse.


As a guide, you should receive updates weekly when your horse is in racing, fortnightly when in pre-training and monthly (or as communicated) when spelling.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount of shares I can purchase?
The standard MyRacehorse Micro-Share represents 0.01% of a horse, and is the minimum amount you can purchase. Currently, you can buy as many Micro-Shares in a horse as you like.
What happens if my horse is sold?
MyRacehorse consults with the experts to determine the best possible course of action throughout the horse’s career. If a horse is going to be sold, we are committed to finding the best possible deal for owners and we are transparent with our decision-making. Owners will receive a proportionate share of any net sale proceeds based on their ownership percentage. MyRacehorse receives a 12.5% performance fee from any sale price.
Do I retain my share in a horse if it goes to stud?
You always retain your Micro-Share in the horse unless it is sold, in which case you receive your Micro-Share of the sale price. In the case of stallion prospects, if we decide the best return for owners may be achieved by retaining their Micro-Share(s) in the horse, your investment may be held and potential returns experienced over a longer term.
Does MyRacehorse have a position on life after racing?
MyRacehorse is committed to partnering with the leading Animal Welfare agencies to ensure the safe transition, placement, and retraining of horses once retiring from the racetrack. Some second career examples include eventing, hunter/jumper disciplines, dressage or trail riding. Depending on what is best for the horse, MyRacehorse seeks the appropriate partner that will put the same attention to the horse’s next career as we have to the horse’s career on the racetrack.
Do I get a say in the horse’s name?
Where MyRacehorse owns a large enough share of the horse to do so, we will follow a democratic process to help owners name the horse. Owners will be able to suggest and vote for their favourite names, which will result in the horse being named (at the discretion of MyRacehorse).
Do I have greater access if I buy a larger percent?
All our owners have great access to horses whether you own 0.01% or 50% of a horse. Your potential share of ownership entitlements (such as mounting yard passes) does increase with the number of Micro-Shares you own, and any owners with Micro-shares that are equivalent to a 5% or greater share in a horse will receive guaranteed owners privileges where available.
How many horses can I buy into?
As many horses as you like that are available and listed on
Do I have to become a registered owner?

Investments made in micro-share ownership do not make an individual eligible for an owner’s card due to owning within a Managed Investment Scheme (which is what allows us to bring so many race fans in for the joy of ownership at an affordable price).

Do I get a say in how the horse is managed?

There may be times in a horse’s career in which decisions need to be made. 


These decisions are made by MyRacehorse, as (or with) the managing owner, in consultation with the trainer and bloodstock experts. 


There may be times where MyRacehorse puts decision making to micro-share owners, in which case a vote will be communicated and sent out with all information provided. 

How are Trainers selected for each horse?
MyRacehorse only works with the best trainers to deliver our promise of elite horses, exclusive content and insider access. We are proud to work with some of Australia’s leading trainers to ensure our horses reach their full potential on the racetrack.
Can I visit my horse?

MyRacehorse owners are unable to visit the stables without approval from MyRacehorse.


MRH organise Stable Tours at various times of the year where we can take a large group of owners through the stable, but we can’t approve individual requests.


The stables are very busy, and they can become overwhelmed when many micro-share owners ask for a visit.


We like to make sure we provide a positive experience for both owners and the stables and therefore host formal stable tours and visits.

How do I contact the MyRacehorse team for more information?
Send us an email: and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

Purchasing & Gifting

How do I buy a horse?

The process is broken into three key steps:

1. Create an Account
2. Select your horse
3. Proceed to payment

1. Create an Account

  • Click the above link, and answer the following:
    • – First Name, Last Name, Email address and then add a password
  • Your account will then be created


2. Select Your Horse

Step 1 – Select your horse by clicking VIEW on the horse you wish to purchase.

Step 2 – Select the number of shares you’re after using the + or – Buttons next to the price, or enter the amount of shares in the number section.

Step 3 – Once you have settled on your quantity click “Buy Now”.

Step 4 – You will need to accept the T&Cs and then be redirected to your cart.


3. Proceed to Payment

Step 1 – Shopping Cart: If you have a gift card or coupon code, enter it under “Coupon Codes” and then click apply coupon. Review your purchase and click proceed to checkout.

Step 2 – Fill out the payment information required, billing address and card details, confirm and process payment.

How can I gift micro-shares to a mate?

There are two methods we recommend for gift giving:


Gift Card

The quickest way to do this would be to purchase a gift card (link below) to whatever value you would like and then the person receiving the gift would use the code to purchase a share. There is no expiration on our gift cards.


View Gift Cards


Share Transfer Request

An alternative method (it takes a little longer from a processing perspective) is a share transfer, where you could buy a share from your account to then transfer to the recipient.

Once you have presented the gift, you would need the recipient to set up their own MyRacehorse account and then click here to submit your transfer request.


Following this, we will  email the recipient with some questions to complete the transfer.

Can I transfer shares purchased using coupon/discount codes to a mate?

Shares purchased using coupon or discount codes cannot be transferred to another individual, as these discounts are exclusively intended for personal use and are non-transferable. This policy is in place to ensure equitable treatment for all customers and uphold the integrity of our pricing structures and promotional offers

Prizemoney and Sale Fees

Am I entitled to any prizemoney my horse wins?

Yes! The percentage you own is the percentage you are entitled to. When a horse wins prizemoney there are mandatory racing deductions applied (trainer 10%, Jockey 5%) and each jurisdiction then has varied deductions of prizemoney that go back to the industry, welfare etc.


Once all mandatory deductions are removed, MyRacehorse will then receive a 7.5% performance fee on what is remaining. We are then left with the Net Prizemoney for owner distribution, if you own 0.01%, you will receive 0.01% of this pot, if you own a bigger stake i.e 1%, then you will receive 1% of the Net Prizemoney pot, and so on.

When will prizemoney be paid out after a race?

Once MyRacehorse receives the prizemoney total from the governing racing body, the funds are distributed into each account holders MyRacehorse wallet, pro-rata to the percentage of the horse they own (as described above).


This process is dependent on the governing racing body, and generally takes 4 – 6 weeks.

Is there a past example I can see?

How do I access my MyRacehorse Wallet?

Login to your account (either via your mobile app or web browser).


Head to My Account.


Select ‘Wallet’

I have funds in my account, can I withdraw them?

Yes! Once you have $50 or more in your account you will have the ability to withdraw your funds into your nominated Australian Bank Account.

Withdrawal under $50 will incur transaction fees, please e-mail to organise withdrawals of under $50.

For more information surrounding the use of your MyRacehorse Wallet, click here.

Can my Wallet funds be used to purchase horses?

Yes! Check out the MyRacehorse Wallet Tutorial page for how to apply your Wallet credits to your next Group 1 Champion!

My horse has been sold, do I receive any of the sale funds?

Yes! The percentage you own is the percentage you are entitled to.


When a horse is sold (i.e goes to stud) trainer/agent deductions are applied at varied rates per stable.


Once all mandatory deductions are removed, MyRacehorse will then receive a 12.5% performance fee on what is remaining. We are then left with the Net Prizemoney for owner distribution, if you own 0.01%, you will receive 0.01% of this pot, if you own a bigger stake i.e 1%, then you will receive 1% of the Net Prizemoney pot, and so on.

When will sale fees be paid out?

Once MyRacehorse receives the sale funds from the relevant vendor, the funds are distributed into each account holders MyRacehorse Wallet, pro-rata to the percentage of the horse they own (as described above).


This process is variable due to the varied nature of the sale. Rest assured, if you are in this position, MyRacehorse will keep you well informed along the journey.

Is there a sales example I can see?

Using MyRacehorse

How do I update my e-mail address?

To update your email address, please email

I can't log in to my account, how do I recover my password?

If you’re having trouble signing in, there’s a link on the Sign In page that allows you to reset your password, located right above the Sign In button.


Click on that link and enter the email address you used to set up your account. We’ll email you a password reset link so you can set a new password for your account. You can also email and request a change in password.

Who can I contact about an order I placed on the shop?

For all orders placed on the “Merchandise” store, please contact our supplier at


For all orders placed on the “Memorabilia” story, please email 

How do I redeem a gift card?

Step 1 – Select your horse: First, head to the BUY page on the MyRacehorse website. Select the horse you would like to purchase by clicking VIEW.

Make sure you’re logged in:

Step 2 – Amount of Shares: Select the amount of shares you would like to purchase and then click BUY.

Step 3 – Accept T&C’s: You will need to accept the T&Cs and then be redirected to your cart.

Step 4 – Shopping Cart: Review your purchase and click proceed to checkout.

Step 5 – Checkout: Fill out the payment information required and billing address. You will then enter gift card code under ‘Gift Card Code’ and click ‘Apply Gift Card’. Review your purchase and click proceed to checkout.

How do I access my certificate of authenticity?

Go to MY HORSES while logged in:

• Select your horse
• Click: COA
• Click: Download

How do I check on my horse’s progress?

There are two options for checking horse progress. You can either view the updates for all your horses in one place, or look for updates on a specific horse you own.

All your updates in one place

  • On mobile, select FEED at the bottom of your page
  • On computer, select UPDATES at the top of the page


Specific horse updates

  • Select My Horses
  • Select the horse’s updates you would like to view
How do I manage what I’m notified about?

While logged in, head to NOTIFICATION SETTINGS (also available from the ACCOUNT section while logged in).

From there, you can select what you would like to receive via push notification and email.


If you are still not receiving push notifications and you would like to, double check your phones notification settings.

Horse Super Fund (HSF)

What is the Horse Super Fund?

To achieve Equine Utopia, MyRacehorse are proud to introduce a retirement fund for our horses. Introducing the Horse Super Fund (HSF)!

With every micro-share purchase, a portion will be dedicated to the HSF, enabling owners to actively contribute to the welfare of each horse. Additionally, MyRacehorse will match this contribution. Together, we’re creating sustainable horse racing ownership, and safeguarding the future well-being of our horses.

Additionally, selected merchandise offerings, auctions and events will include a welfare contribution and all proceeds from MyRacehorse post-racing sales will be channelled back into the HSF.

100% of funds raised are put toward transitioning, retraining and rehoming MyRacehorse owned horses to ensure they have a valuable life after racing.

What does the MyRacehorse equine welfare commitment include?

There are four elements to the MyRacehorse post-racing commitment:

1. Considered Preparation – A successful post-racing transition starts with decisions made well before a horse commences racing, from breeding to early education, on to race training, retirement decision and finally the transition from racing.


2. Initial Assessment – Once a decision is made to retire a horse from racing, an assessment is made in consultation with the trainer and, where necessary the vet, to determine the best transition pathway.


3. Successful Transition – The transition pathway may include retraining, spelling, rehabilitation, rehoming and/or paddock retirement.


4. Staying in Touch – Staying in touch starts by ensuring that all new owners of MyRacehorse horses, whether that is continuing or following their racing career, know of our commitment to their post-racing welfare, the transition pathways available and our active interest in any future ownership transitions. Staying in touch continues with regular check-ins for the remainder of the horse’s life even if they transition to second, third and more homes post-racing.

What if my horse continues racing after sale by MyRacehorse?

All horse’s that have previously been owned by MyRacehorse are eligible for our post-racing commitment. 


It is the responsibility of all racehorse owners to provide for a successful transition from racing so it is likely that the horse’s new racing owners will have their own post-racing provision.  However, MyRacehorse will stay in touch to ensure that this is the case and can support where necessary.

How much is available for each horse?

There is not a set amount dedicated to each horse.  Some horses will require more support than others so the HSF is a central fund that is accessed on a case by case basis and managed by MyRacehorse.

How is the price determined for equestrian/pleasure home sales?

It is important that horses are valued and so it is our ethos that all MyRacehorse horses will be sold for a price based on their abilities.  But the money is not the driver, the horse will be sold to the most suitable home even if that’s not the highest price.


When it has been determined that a horse is suitable for an equestrian or pleasure home the price will be set by MyRachorse in discussion with the retrainer.  Depending on the horse’s abilities, the price will likely range between $1k-$5k, maybe a little more for exceptional horses.

As an owner, can I have input into my horse's transition?

As a responsible ownership group, MyRacehorse will make a decision in consultation with our professional team of industry experts, which includes Equine Welfare consultants, bloodstock agents, trainers, retrainers and vets.  Owners will be kept up to date through the retirement, transition and beyond.

Can I stay in touch with my horse(s) once they have retired from racing?

Absolutely!  This is something MyRacehorse encourages for all our owners.  It can be so rewarding to follow your horse into their post-racing life regardless of whether that is into a leisure or competitive home or even paddock retirement.


 MyRacehorse will actively encourage new owners to share their updates on Racing Victoria’s Off The Track Community so owners can follow them there.


Additionally, MyRacehorse will register as the ‘Full Circle’ emergency contact for all MyRacehorse horses past and present on Racing Victoria’s Off The Track Community. 


The Full Circle program is a safety net that will support MyRacehorse to stay in touch and ensure the horse always has an option, if they ever need further assistance.

How long does retraining take?

All horses are individual and depending on their physical abilities, previous education and planned pathway, the transition can range between 3-12 months.  The HSF allows flexibility to provide the time the horse needs.

Are all horses suitable for retraining?

The majority of retiring racehorses will make an excellent transition into a second career however, as with any horse, there may be those that are not physically or behaviourally suitable for retraining.  On the rare occasion that a horse is not suitable for a second career they will be paddock retired.

Why is retraining and rehoming so important?

At MyRacehorse, we strongly believe that racing is a first career of many for thoroughbreds.  Horses can live into their late 20s and beyond while the majority of horses retire from their racing careers at 5 years old, leaving a world of opportunity for one or more happy homes for each horse. 


Like any retiring athlete, there are new skills to be learned to support a successful transition.  Thoroughbreds retire from racing with many desirable attributes and retraining supports them to develop complementary new skills to take them into their second career and beyond. 


Well educated horses find, and stay, in good homes and that is our ultimate aim for our horses.

What is your euthanasia policy?

Euthanasia is an uncomfortable topic but an important aspect of responsible horse ownership. In certain circumstances, euthanasia can be the most compassionate and kindest outcome for a horse. 


For MyRacehorse horses, this decision will not be taken lightly, it will be made in consultation with vets, equine welfare consultants, trainers/retrainers and MyRacehorse management, and always be in the interests of the best welfare outcome for the horse.


Horse welfare charity Project Hope have an excellent guide  if you would like to understand this topic more.

Where can I find out more about the post-racing commitment/Horse Super Fund?

You can find out more about the HSF on our website here and if you still have questions you can email our equine welfare consultant on

MyRacehorse Plus

The Basics

What is MyRacehorse Plus?

MyRacehorse Plus is an exciting new ownership syndicate where you can part own a horse, with shares starting from 1%.

MyRacehorse Plus is an ASIC compliant Managed Investment Scheme.

What is the difference between MyRacehorse Plus and MyRacehorse?

MyRacehorse Plus is more like a traditional ownership syndicate in that the pricing model provides clients with the opportunity to buy into horses at bigger percentages with less upfront levies, but more ongoing costs. 


For instance, MyRacehorse Plus does not include a 2-3 year Horse Levy in the initial pricing model. This means the following:

– The initial buy in for bigger percentages is more economical for the buyer. Unlike micro-shares, MyRacehorse Plus does not currently include a Management Fee or Horse Levy in the initial buy in. 

– There is a requirement to pay fixed monthly fees for the upkeep of your horse.


MyRacehorse Plus is not better or worse than MyRacehorse. We want to cater for all budgets and ownership preferences. Hence MyRacehorse Plus was born!

Can I buy shares in both MyRacehorse and MyRacehorse Plus?

Yes, you can buy into both products and get all the information on your horses housed on the MyRacehorse app and, under the one account. 

What are shares in a horse in MyRacehorse Plus?

A share in a horse in MyRacehorse Plus is a united of a specified class in a Managed Investment Scheme that owns the horse. We do this because in standard horse ownership there is a limit of up to 20 shares, where 1 share is equal to 5% of the horse (per the Australian Rules of Racing). Through the creation of managed investment schemes, MyRacehorse is able to divide this into a larger number of shares, each of which represents an ownership interest in 1% or more of the horse.

How are the prices for shares in MyRacehorse Plus calculated?

The share prices are a combination of the following costs:


1. Horse acquisition cost, plus GST.

2. Horse Levy for the first 3 months of training.

3. 10% Bloodstock fee.

4. 12 months insurance – optional renewal after 12 months.

5. Equine Welfare donation to the MyRacehorse Horse Super Fund.

6. Any relevant carrying costs incurred.

Are there ongoing monthly fees with MyRacehorse Plus?

Yes, with MyRacehorse Plus there is a fixed monthly direct debit which covers you horse’s monthly vet and training expenses. When you purchase your horse, you will be required to enter your Direct Debit details from your nominated Credit/Debit card.

What is the monthly cost for 1%?

The fixed monthly cost is variable per horse and per stable. You should budget between $60-$80 per month.

Why does the monthly amount vary?

– The variance is caused by the percentage that MyRacehorse owns in a horse. If MyRacehorse own 100% of the horse, it is marginally cheaper per month, than if we own 50%.

– This is because, we offer 1% shares, which means the MyRacehorse Plus syndicate is required to be set up as a Managed Investment Scheme. The ongoing management of the scheme is required by an external third party to act as the scheme’s Responsible Entity. The Responsible Entity has a fixed monthly cost per scheme per month that is consistent across all horses. 

So, if MyRacehorse own 100% – this cost is divided by 100 units. If we own 50%, this same cost is divided by 50 units. 

Therefore the cost of monthly direct debits is marginally cheaper when MyRacehorse owns 100% of the horse.

– A fixed Direct Debit will be taken out of your account monthly. The monthly direct debit covers:

1. Monthly training and vet fees

2. Third Party Scheme fees

3. MyRacehorse Management fee

Why is the monthly amount a fixed cost? The prices differ between a horse spelling, pre-training and racing?

MyRacehorse Plus model is a fixed Direct Debit to make the process as simple as possible for owners. There is nothing worse than having to manually pay a new fee every month. MyRacehorse Plus removes this hassle.


The cost of training fees has been averaged out based on industry research and finding the right balance with trainers on cost.

When do my ongoing payments cease?

Once your horse retires from MyRacehorse ownership.


i.e. It is either sold or retired.

What happens if I do not pay my direct debits?

In this situation, the trainer loses out and are not paid for their work and commitment to looking after your horse.


As a result, if a failed payment hasn’t been rectified after 60 days, your ownership of the relevant horse will be forfeited, and your shares will be owned by MyRacehorse.


There may be failed payment fees imposed by both your bank and our payment provider.

Prize Money and Sale Fees

How is prize money distributed?

Like with MyRacehorse, prize money is deposited into your MyRacehorse Wallet, pro-rata to your ownership stake. These funds can be withdrawn or used to purchase other shares. 

Do MyRacehorse receive a performance fee?

Yes, if a MyRacehorse Plus horse runs in the top 4 in a race that carries a total prize money purse of $100,000 or more – then MyRacehorse receives a 10% performance fee. 


For any other race and finishing position, MyRacehorse does NOT accept a performance fee.

What happens once my horse is sold?

Any sale proceeds will be deposited into your MyRacehorse Wallet pro-rata to your ownership stake. These funds can be withdrawn or used to purchase other shares.

Do MyRacehorse receive a performance fee when a horse is sold?

Yes, MyRacehorse receives a 10% performance fee on any Sale proceeds.

Can I withdraw my wallet funds?

Yes, prize money and sale proceeds can be withdrawn into your nominated Australian bank account. Just go to your wallet and click withdraw!

Raceday and Events

Am I guaranteed Mounting Yard passes with MyRacehorse Plus?

Shareholders of 5% or more in an individual horse are guaranteed Mounting Yard passes for EVERY race your horse is in.


The remaining shareholders will then be entered into a ballot and drawn out by way of randomisation. The number of 1% shares you own will translate to the number of entries you have in the draw.


For example, if you own 1% you will have one entry, 2% will have two entries and so on.

Can you provide an example of ticket allocation?

MyRacehorse owns 100% of a horse, which means 100 x 1% shares.


10 owners buy 5% shares = 50%


Of the remaining 50%:

40 x 1% shares

3 x 2% shares

1 x 4% stake


The horse accepts to race and 20 Mounting Yard passes are allocated. 


10 x tickets are given to each of the 5% shareholders. 


Of the remaining 10 x tickets a ballot is run with:

40 owners with 1 entry, 3 owners with 2 entries, 1 owner with 4 entries.

Will I get to visit my horse?

Yes, MyRacehorse Plus is intimate, exciting and gripping. There will be several stable tours run for our horses.

What colours will my horse run in?

MyRacehorse colours! Made famous by Group 1 winner, Just Fine.

Our Horses

How are our horses selected and purchased?

We have several avenues for acquiring horses. Commonly, we attend the best yearling sales across the country, or we may look at private agreements with acquiring bloodstock from only the most respected and trusted breeders.


Our horses undergo a highly scrutinised vet check and x-ray procedure before being offered to our customers.


Additionally, we hire bloodstock agents to analyse pedigree and horse conformation before purchasing. We leverage a range of bloodstock and veterinary experts to assess every horse before we buy them and offer to owners.

Can we guarantee MyRacehorse Plus horses will win?

Unfortunately, racing is a great game with no guarantees, so we can’t promise anything on the racetrack.


However, we work with the industry’s best and carry out as much due diligence prior to purchasing as possible. We also send our horses to the best trainers in the country to give them the best chance to fulfill their potential.


What we can guarantee is that you’ll be part of a thriving owner community and be able to follow you horse’s progress with expert analysis every step of the way.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount of shares I can purchase?

There are limited shares available in MyRacehorse Plus starting at 1%. There are no limitations on number of available shares you can purchase – so first in best dressed!

Do I get a say in the horse's name?

If your horse is an unnamed yearling, yes – you will get a say. All owners will be able to submit a name and then vote on their preferred option. The three highest voted names will then be submitted to Racing Australia for approval.

Racing Manager and Support

Is there a Racing Manager for MyRacehorse Plus

Yes, MyRacehorse Plus is a smaller and more intimate ownership experience. A member of the MyRacehorse Racing team will be available ongoing for Plus shareholders.


Individual Facebook Groups for your horse will also be created so that you can connect with other owners.

I want to find out more about your offerings, how do I get in touch?



Or you can call the MyRacehorse Plus Racing Manager direct on (03) 7023 3310

*Please note: this number is STRICTLY for Plus enquiries only. For micro-share support, please e-mail

Thoroughbred Payments

What is Thoroughbred Payments and why am I receiving emails from them?

Thoroughbred Payments is an external third party payment system which is verified and approved by MyRacehorse.


You will be able to manage and track your payments via their website. Thoroughbred Payments will send your emails for setting up your account and notifying you of upcoming payments and missed payments.

How do I set up/login to my Thoroughbred Payments account?

Your Thoroughbred Payments account will be automatically created for you upon purchasing your first Plus offering.


Once you have made the Plus offering purchase, you will receive an email containing your Thoroughbred Payments login credentials and a link to set your password. This means all you need to do is set a password for your account.


I have not received an email from Thoroughbred Payments with my login information?

If you have not received an email from ‘’ containing your login details, please check both your inbox and junk email folder.


If the email is not found in either of these folders, please send an email to We will be able to assist you in getting another welcome email sent to you.

Where do I manage my ongoing payments?

To manage or track your ongoing payment details and payment history, you will need to access your Thoroughbred Payments account, which is set up upon purchasing your Plus offering. Your ongoing payment will be managed via a direct debit from your credit/debit card at the time of purchase.

Why am I required to enter my credit/debit card details?

Unlike our standard micro-share offerings, our Plus offerings require ongoing payments. To manage these payments, you will need to have a valid credit/debit card on file. We will use this card to process your monthly payments via direct debit, allowing you to avoid the hassle of manually keeping up with monthly payments.

How do I change the credit/debit card used for my ongoing payments?

To update your payment information, you will need to access your Thoroughbred Payments account and do it directly from there. Within you Thoroughbred Payments account, open the ‘My Wallet’ tab and click ‘Add New Card’.


After completing this step, you will need to mark the new card as your default to ensure that all ongoing Plus payments are debited from this card.

My Racehorse No. 1 ARSN 646 771 262, promoted by MyRacehorse Pty Ltd AFSR 001284902.

Investments of this nature are speculative. Refer to the relevant PDS before investing.

Hitotsu Stallion Package

Arrowfield Stud and Owner Experience

What is the Hitotsu Stallion Package?
  • Thanks to our friends at Arrowfield Stud, the Hitotsu Stallion Package is your chance to own an interest (25% to 50% depending upon whether applications for the BU Units in the Myracehorse No 1 Scheme reaches minimum or maximum subscription as per the PDS) in 5 of 40 shares in Multiple Group 1 winner, Hitotsu, as well as the same proportionate ownership interest in 5 regally bred broodmares. Hitotsu will hopefully serve all 5 mares, with the resultant progeny being raised by Arrowfield and aimed at the most prestigious yearling sales around Australia.


  • You can participate in the Myracehorse Hitotsu Stallion Package by acquiring BU Class Units in the Myracehorse No 1  managed investment scheme which will acquire and hold  an interest in the Hitotsu shares and the relevant mares and foals.

Who Is Arrowfield Stud?
    • Arrowfield is one of the world’s leading stud farms, famous as the launch-pad for breedshaper Danehill, the home of Champion Sires Redoute’s Choice, Flying Spur, Not A Single Doubt & Snitzel.

    Find out more about Arrowfield Stud here.


Can I contact Arrowfield Stud directly if I’m an owner?

No. All contact with Arrowfield Stud will be via the staff at MyRacehorse. By purchasing units in the Myracehorse Hitotsu Stallion Package, all owners acknowledge that they will not contact Arrowfield Stud directly.

Will I get to visit Arrowfield Stud to meet Hitotsu, my mares and the foals?

Yes, there will be stud farm tours arranged by MyRacehorse with Arrowfield Stud throughout the partnership. You will not be able to visit Arrowfield Stud unless it is an official MyRacehorse event. We are planning an open day on the 24th of August this year.

How often will I get updates?

You can expect an immersive owner experience when buying into the MyRacehorse Hitotsu Stallion Package. As with our racing ownership, we will ensure you are completely up-to-date and engaged along the journey. The frequency of updates will vary based on time of year, but at a minimum, you can expect to receive an update every 3-4 weeks.

Is there a maximum amount of shares I can purchase?

There is no limit. The more units you own, the greater your ownership percentage. Units will be available for ownership until sold out.

Do I have greater access if I buy a larger percentage?

All owners in the MyRacehorse Hitotsu Stallion Package will have equal access to any events and tours that are organised by MyRacehorse.  If an annual distribution is paid at the end of any year during the term, owners will be paid based on their proportionate unitholding.

Can I transfer my share to other MyRacehorse owners?

Yes, you can unit transfer. This is the process where you buy a unit from your account and then transfer it to another recipient. Once you have presented the gift, you would need the recipient to set up their own MyRacehorse account, and then click here to submit your transfer request.

How will proceeds be paid out?

If an annual distribution is paid, it will be received into your MyRacehorse Wallet. The Wallet sits in your MyRacehorse account. From here, you can either withdraw your funds into your nominated Australian bank account or use the funds for other ownership purchases.

Hitotsu - Stallion

Who is Hitotsu?

Hitotsu is a young stallion whose first progeny will be sold as yearlings in 2026. He was a freak on the racetrack winning three consecutive Group 1’s – the VRC Derby (2500m), the Australian Guineas (1600m) and the ATC Derby (2400m). Three of the broodmares included in the Hitotsu Stallion Package are already in foal to Hitotsu and are expected to drop their foals in August/September/October. Therefore, you will be able to own these foals and truly ride his journey as a first-season sire.

Will Hitotsu succeed at Stud?

It’s impossible to answer yes or no. What we do know is that Hitotsu was secured by one of Australia’s most prestigious stud farms – Arrowfield Stud. He is by champion racehorse and already a multiple Group 1 producing Japanese stallion, Maurice (who is also an Arrowfield Stud stallion), and out of a Redoute’s Choice mare. On the race track, Hitotsu was extremely versatile winning 4 races from 8 starts (three at Group 1 level) ranging from 1350m – 2500m. At the moment he is an unproven stallion but has all the favours of a great stud, a proven stallion line and a versatile racing career on his side.  

What is Hitotsu’s current service fee?

$22,000 incl GST, payable on live foal.

How are service fees determined?

Service fees are determined by the stud farm (in this case Arrowfield Stud). Their pricing is a healthy mix of industry benchmarks combined with progeny race track performance and stallion demand from breeders.

How many mares will Hitotsu cover this coming season?

TBC, in his first season he covered 162 mares. The first season generally has the highest volume until his progeny have proven themselves on the track.

What mares did Hitotsu cover in his first season?
  • Great question, below is a summary courtesy of Arrowfield Stud of the quality of mares that were covered by Hitotsu. This will give him the best possible chance to succeed in his early days at stud:
  • – 12 daughters of G1 winners/placegetters
  • – 36 daughters of Group winners/placed
  • – 45 daughters of stakes winners
  • – 26 sisters of Group 1 winners/placed
  • – 50 sisters of Group winners/placed
  • – 17 Stakes producers
Does Hitotsu progeny qualify for any racing bonus series?

Yes, Hitotsu is a NSW-based stallion. His progeny will be BOBs eligible.

Where can I find out more about Hitotsu?

Check out his stallion profile on Arrowfield Stud here.

The Mares and their Progeny

  • – A metro winning 2YO, by champion stallion Snitzel
  • – Out of Stravinsky mare, Asscher, who is a half-sister to G1 winner, Shower of Roses.
  • – Currently in foal to Hitotsu
  • – Ole Kirk foal at foot, targeting the 2025 Magic Millions
  • – A half-sister to Spring Lee 
  • – Out of the four-time stakes winning and G1 placed Wild Rain
  • – The family includes G1 Winterbottom and two-time The Quokka winner Overpass
  • – By champion stallion, I Am Invincible, a $500k purchase as a yearling.
  • – Currently in foal to Hitotsu
  • – Out of multiple stakes winner, Wild Rain
  • – Her 2nd dam is a half-sister to the dam of the fighting tiger – NORTHERLY!
  • – Currently in foal to Hitotsu
  • – By champion stallion, I Am Invincible, purchased for $250k as a yearling.
  • – Out of a stakes winner, Tai Tai Tess
  • – The family includes G1 VRC Oaks, G1 One Thousand Guineas and G2 VRC Wakeful winner Arborea
  • – Full sister to stakes placegetter, Invincible Tycoon
  • – She hails from a truly international pedigree with stakes horses in Singapore, Peru, Africa, America and New Zealand
  • – By late champion stallion, Not A Single Doubt.
  • – $400k, originally purchased as a yearling (not by Arrowfield or MyRacehorse)
  • – Out of multiple stakes winner, Artistry
  • – She hails from the family of Champion 3YO filly in Australia; Samantha Miss who won 3x G1 races and placed second in the G1 Cox Plate
  •  – 3 x race winner 1000/1200m
    – A half-sister to G2 winner, Xilong and out of G3 winner, Pane In The Glass
    – A young progressive family & by boom young sire Russian Revolution

The Hitotsu Stallion Package

Do we own their current progeny?

Yes, when buying into the MyRacehorse Hitotsu Stallion Package, you will not only receive an ownership interest (via your unitholding in the scheme) in their future progeny but also in their existing offspring (2023 foals). This includes Diamondesque’s colt by Ole Kirk who will be targeted at the 2025 Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale, as well as the Hitotsu first-season progeny out of Diamondesque, Hecate and Jackrabbit Jimmy.

What happens if the mares don’t fall pregnant to Hitotsu?

Unfortunately, this is a reality of the breeding game. If the mare doesn’t get in foal during a season, we will try again the following season, with the horses’ welfare always our utmost priority. It is possible to try several times if the mare doesn’t initially get in foal. Arrowfield scans all of their mare’s pre-serve to ensure chances are in our favour.

When is the breeding season?

The breeding season commences in September, with the last mares generally covered in late November.

What happens in the unfortunate case that the foal is aborted during the pregnancy?

This is also a natural reality and an inherent risk of the breeding game.

Is Mortality Insurance included?

Yes, the scheme’s interest in the Hitotsu Shares, and the five mares and their progeny will all be covered by Mortality Insurance.

Are the progeny guaranteed to head to the yearling sales in due course?

That is our ambition and plan. It can never be an absolute guarantee, as foals need to have good athleticism, X-Rays, and Scopes to make it to the sales.

What does the $165 buy in cover?

This cost includes:

  • – The Acquisition Cost of the interest in the Hitotsu Shares
  • – The Acquisition Cost in the 5 Mares
  • – The acquisition cost of the Ole Kirk x Diamondesque foal
  • – Horse Levy to cover care and maintenance of the Mares to 31 December 2027
  • – Mortality Insurance for the horse interests  (interests in the Hitotsu shares and Mares) to 31 December 2027
  • – Scheme Fees
  • – Management Fees
  • – Marketing and Administration
  • – Equine Welfare Levy
What happens at the conclusion of the Scheme
  • The scheme shall be reviewed after the completion of the yearling sales in 2028, and subsequent to the review, and to the extent that there are sufficient undistributed proceeds to meet ongoing costs, the scheme may continue
  • If  the scheme is terminated, all interests in horses, including the Hitotsu Shares, mares and resultant progeny will be sold


  • If the horse interests held by the scheme are to be sold, the following will occur with regards to the Mares and their progeny:
  • – The Mares will be sold in 2028
  • – The second crop, being the foals that are born as a result of the 2025 breeding season, will be sold in 2028
  • – The third crop, being the foals that are born as a result of the 2026 breeding season, will be sold in 2029
  • Any proceeds from the dispersal of horse interests will be distributed annually to unitholders.


Is the Hitotsu Stallion Package a sound financial investment?

Like with anything racing – the value should be placed on the experience, as opposed to financial returns. The Hitotsu Stallion Package should not be treated as a financial investment. Please consult a financial specialist for financial advice.

Will I receive any payouts for being an owner?

An annual distribution may be paid to unitholders based on the following:

  • – Hitotsu: Once all shareholder interests have been satisfied, shareholders of Hitotsu will share pro-rata in any income generated by third party usage of the horse.
  • – Mares: Any net sale proceeds
  • – Progeny: Any net sale proceeds from yearling sales after expenses of progeny have been met
When will I receive this payout?

If there is excess proceeds received, then the annual distribution will occur each year no later than 30 June.

Why is there no Horse Levy for the Progeny?

The ongoing expenses will be accrued on account and paid by MyRacehorse in arrears, deducted from any annual distribution.

Do MyRacehorse receive a performance fee?

Yes. MyRacehorse receives a 5% performance fee on any eligible proceeds received across mares, progeny and stallion dividends throughout the term.