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The creation of unique ideas are typically driven by a fundamental and singular passion. In the case of MyRacehorse, powered by Experiential Squared Inc., Michael Behrens, our founder and CEO, was an impassioned racing fan, drawn to the concept of revolutionizing Thoroughbred ownership by delivering it to the masses, in a manner both inclusive and transparent.



What started as a dinner table discussion with his family — with a napkin he scrawled ideas upon — morphed into the birth of MyRacehorse in 2018 in the state of California. Now in its fifth year, MRH has spread globally, offering affordable racehorse ownership, and all the thrills and perks that come with that, to residents in all 50 states, plus Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, with further expansion on the horizon.


MRH’s vision became bolder with the support of the late B. Wayne Hughes of Spendthrift Farm who embraced our mission, which led to 5,314 of our owners reaching ownership nirvana with Authentic when he won the 2020 Kentucky Derby, and who now remain partners in the stallion’s breeding career. Now, some of the industry’s leading global owners and innovators, led by 1/ST RACING & GAMING have come on board to invest in horse racing ownership and technology with MyRacehorse.



With MyRacehorse, the authenticity of ownership is never compromised. Yes, we make ownership affordable through fractional shares, but we also make it real by connecting owners directly with the stakeholders managing their horses (trainers, bloodstock buyers, jockeys, etc.). We peel back the curtain into a world previously reserved for the 1%. The future is fractional.

Our Founder

As the Founder and CEO of MyRacehorse, Michael Behrens steadfastly devotes himself on a daily basis to fulfilling his vision of providing every racing fan with the unparalleled experience of owning Thoroughbreds.


Hands-on in every aspect of operations at MRH, Behrens’ days are filled with navigating the business strategies associated with our company’s daily operation, including legal and regulatory issues, marketing and finance concerns, as well as overall business procedures. But just as important to him is engaging one-on-one with our owners, and he can often be found alongside those partners, enthusiastically cheering on MRH runners at racetracks across the country.