Inheriting Shares

The process for transferring shares as part of an inheritance is different from typical transfers. For more information about transferring shares as a gift or private sale, click here.

THe Process

Step 1 – Required Documents


In addition to our usual transfer forms, our team will need a copy of the deceased’s death certificate  along with court articles appointing the transfer requestor as executor/administrator of the deceased’s estate (in most states this is called a letter of testamentary).


If you cannot provide these court articles, then we will need a Medallion Signature Guarantee on their transfer paperwork.  As a result, this means the transfer form cannot be completed via DocuSign and will need to do a wet signature at a financial institution to receive the stamp.

Please send these documents to around the same time you complete your transfer request form.

Step 2 – MyRacehorse Account


Before any transfers can be set up, the new owner needs to have a MyRacehorse account. This account needs to be verified, and have an address on file so we have all of the details we need to report any gains/losses to the IRS at the end of the year.

Step 3 – Submit a Transfer Request


 Use the form on this page to submit your transfer request. Please make sure this form is only filled out once, since duplicate requests can cause issues for our transfer team.

Step 4 – Paperwork


Once we have the details of your transfer request, the transfer paperwork and offering terms for each series will be sent via docusign to the executor/recipient.

Please note, MyRacehorse has elected to waive our usual transfer fees for transfers as part of an inheritance.

Transfer form

Once you’ve filled out this form, please send the required documents to


1) A copy of the Death Certificate


2) A copy of the Court Articles, with county seal, appointing the executor/administrator of the estate (in most states this is called the Letters Testamentary)


Once this form is completed, all parties will receive a confirmation email with all of the info entered below.

If you are looking to transfer shares as a gift or private sale, click here.