Transferring Shares

This page details the process of transferring shares as part of a gift or private sale. For information on transferring shares as part of an inheirtance, click here.


For Australian Owners, please email  about your transfer request – do not use this form.

THe Process

MyRacehorse is currently working toward a safe, transparent and regulated environment for those looking to trade and transfer shares.

We believe providing liquidity is valuable, but only within an environment that has strict governance over the entire process and provides complete transparency and regulatory compliance. We expect to have a solution in place in the future. 

In the meantime, the following process has been put in place to facilitate the transfer of shares:


Step 1 – Prep

Before any transfers can be set up, the new owner needs to have a MyRacehorse account. This account needs to be verified, and have an address on file so we have all of the details we need to report any gains/losses to the IRS at the end of the year.


Step 2 – Submit a Transfer Request

Use the form on this page to submit your transfer request. Please make sure this form is only filled out once, since duplicate requests can cause issues for our transfer team.


Step 3 – Paperwork

Once we have the details of your transfer request, a member of our team will set up a disclosure form, along with the transfer paperwork via docusign. Once both parties have filled out their portions of these forms, each one will receive a copy of their paperwork.


Step 4 – Payment

For each series being transferred, there is a $10 transfer fee that can be paid for here. To ensure that your transfer is handled promptly, please pay for this fee as soon as the paperwork has been signed.

In cases where shares are being transferred in exchange for money, this is the time in the process that we recommend funds exchange hands. It is up to the buyer and seller to handle this exchange of funds.


Please note: The SEC prohibits the use of general solicitation (i.e. marketing or advertising the shares for sale this includes but is not limited to social media and paid advertising).

Request form

Once completed, both the current and new owner will receive a confirmation email with all of the information entered below.


If you are transferring shares as a gift, we recommend waiting until the recipient has been notified to fill out this form so the surprise is not spoiled.


If you are looking to transfer shares for an inheritance, click here.