MyRacehorse Commits to Donating 10% of May Proceeds to Backstretch Workers

MyRacehorse is committed to doing its part in taking care of backstretch workers, who are feeling the negative impacts stemming from Covid-19. In support of our racing community co-stars, we will be donating 10% of all MyRacehorse proceeds derived in the month of May to three awe-inspiring charities; Backside Learning Center (Kentucky), Backstretch Employee Service Team (New York) and the Edwin J. Gregson Foundation (California).

Unlike many sports who have multiple revenue streams, racing derives the vast majority of its revenue through purse money and the handle, or the amount of wagering by the public. With racing halted in most jurisdictions, both of these sources have now dried up. However, our horses still need to be fed, exercised, and cared for by those working and living on the backstretch. The industry is lobbying hard for federal funding to support the owners, trainers, and backstretch workers, but this will surely take time. There have also been recent positive developments in many jurisdictions in regards to a potential return to racing in the upcoming weeks. 

These are the industry workers that make our sport possible, and their families who rely on them to provide, are now in urgent need of food, healthcare, and other essentials. In reaction to these overwhelming distresses, we have teamed up with three incredible organizations that with funding, will aid to these pressing urgencies.

“We knew we wanted to use our platform to raise funds to assist the backstretch workers during this difficult time, and by partnering with the three selected nonprofits we are thrilled to know the funds will be put in very capable hands and optimized to the fullest.”

Michael Behrens, MyRacehorse Founder

How to Help

MyRacehorse Shares to Care Program, in which 10% of proceeds derived from the sale of shares in the month of May will go directly towards funding the prominent charity associated with their paired racehorse.

You can also give directly to these charities in need. Every Dollar Counts!

We have included more information about each foundation below, along with links to their donation pages. Please know that even the smallest donation you can provide to these organizations will have a tangible impact.

How it Works

Each horse is assigned a circuit where we anticipate them running (you can find these pairings on our buy details page). That circuit determines which charity will be the recipient of your donation.

Backside Learning Center (Kentucky)

During the current COVID-19 situation, the Backside Learning Center at Churchill Downs is working very hard with local food banks, Americana Community Center and Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy, providing deliveries with food and essentials twice a week to backside workers.

Backside Learning Center's current efforts to mitigate the impact on industry workers in the Louisville area are focused on these three areas:

  1. Front porch delivery of emergency food boxes to over 100 track families each week; boxes consist of fresh produce, dried or canned staple items, diapers (when needed) and care packages for kids with fun educational activities and books; as well as flyers with information on how to be safe during COVID19.
  2. Assisting kids and families to access free internet so that they can participate in our public-school systems' on-line schooling (Non-Traditional Instruction) that has been set up for April/May.
  3. Administering limited emergency cash assistance via a fund that was set up locally by a generous donor; they also received emergency funds from Thoroughbred Charities of America and the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association to support families.
“We had to cancel all of our face to face programming and due to the fact that Churchill Downs was scheduled to open March 17th but now will not open until April 28th (this date has been pushed back twice), most of our families are without income. Most of our kids have not been able to engage in learning due to lack of internet and devices; we are also collecting used or new laptops and Chromebooks to loan to families for this purpose.”

Sherry D. Stanley, Executive Director at Backside Learning Center

Backstretch Employee Service Team of NY "BEST" (New York)

BEST is using their services to help all backside workers from food, basic needs, gloves and clothing. Based in New York, they are in the heart of this epidemic and are being hit extremely hard. BEST has a clinic on site at Belmont Park which is open five days a week for these workers. The Belmont Park backstretch has already 20+ confirmed cases of COVID-19 and unfortunately one death. On top of this, many workers have already been and are being laid off. BEST along with the New York Racing Association (NYRA) are helping these workers with their unemployment papers and any funds to keep them going. Our donations would go to food, water, basic necessities, masks and tests when they become available, and to help keep the clinic running as long as possible.

“The backstretch workers and horseman of Belmont Park have been under siege from COVID19 since mid-March. Core to the response to this pandemic has been the heroic work of the front line medical and counseling staff of BEST; 7 days a week, BEST is there showing concern and giving vitally needed care. BEST needs donations to be able to maintain and expand its medical services and to renovate its facilities to better work with contagious individuals so that racing can begin again soon.”

Paul Ruchames, BEST Executive Director

Edwin J. Gregson Foundation (California)

The Edwin J. Gregson Foundation has been a major assistance to backside employees, families and trainers from the start of COVID-19. The Edwin J. Gregson Foundation has turned their focus to the needs of backside workers in Southern and Northern California. Edwin J. Gregson Foundation launched their voucher program at SA & GG, which provided backstretch workers a voucher to use at their backside kitchen and store for food and essentials. They have also continued to help the children of the backside providing necessary equipment (laptops, etc) to complete their schoolwork online.

The Edwin J. Gregson Foundation will use donations to continue providing the backside community the essentials they need.

“We will continue doing everything we can helping the backside workers during this challenging time, whether it's food directly, funds for backside kitchen and/or basic essentials.”

Jenine Sahadi, President of the Edwin J. Gregson Foundation
From all of us at MyRacehorse, we thank you for your continued support of us, the thoroughbred industry, and our backstretch workers who too often don’t get the credit they deserve. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at a racetrack when the time is right.
MyRacehorse Founder


Where can I go to donate directly to these foundations?
You can find their donation pages here: Edwin J. Gregson FoundationBackside Learning Center, & Backstretch Employee Service Team of NY

Will this affect the share price?
No, the share price for all of our horses will remain the same. We are donating 10% of the MRH proceeds which is derived from the offering/diligence fee.