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common questions

  • What type of ownership stake am I buying? A fractional, license, company stock, partnership?

  • How real are these shares? Who’s the regulating agency?

  • After my initial stock purchase, do I need to pay any sort of maintenance fees?


You’re buying company stock that has been validly issued in compliance with applicable securities laws. We establish a company for each horse offered, and stock in that company is what’s being sold.

These are genuine company shares issued under permit from the State of California – Department of Business Oversight. You must be a current California resident to purchase shares.

No. Your initial contribution includes a prepaid amount for the care and training of the horse that in the majority of cases will ensure no additional funds need to be raised. In the event additional funds do need to be raised, MyRacehorse will have the option of issuing additional shares at whatever the market price is at that time.