how do i use my myracehorse wallet?

All proceeds from prizemoney & horse sales are deposited into your MyRacehorse Wallet. Your Wallet can either be withdrawn (once your balance is $50 or greater) to a nominated bank account or used to purchase horse micro-shares.

how to withdraw from the myracehorse wallet?

Login to your MyRacehorse account and access your withdrawal page via one of the below options:




On Desktop: Click on ACCOUNT from the top menu.


– Note: If your Wallet balance is less than $50 you will be unable to access the withdrawal link.

wallet funds can be withdrawn in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Enter you withdrawal amount of $50 or more.

Step 2

Enter your details (Account Name, BSB, Account Number). 

Note: The Account Name is defaulted to your MyRacehorse account name.

Step 3

Accept the withdrawal T&C’s

Step 4


Note: Withdrawals can take up to 3 weeks to arrive in your account.

Withdrawals under $50

Please e-mail the friendly team on if you wish to make a manual withdrawal of under $50. We will aim to accommodate these where reasonable, however there may be transaction fees. 

how to use your myracehorse wallet funds to purchase shares

This process is very similar to the current system. Once you have added your shares to your cart, click “Proceed to checkout”.

Step 1

Enter your billing information and click continue to “Payment Information”.

Step 2

In Payment Information, if you have available wallet credits you will then be given the option to “Use Wallet” or “Credit/Debit Card”. Click “Use Wallet”.


Your Wallet funds can be used as a full payment (depending on your balance) or partial payment, where your card will be needed to finalise the remainder. 


An added bonus of using Wallet funds is that your purchase will not be subject to any third-party processing costs.

Step 3

Follow the final checkout process and your payment is complete.