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MyRacehorse’s purpose is to buy, syndicate, and celebrate the Thoroughbred’s innate potential, both on and off the racetrack. 


As horse enthusiasts, we find empowerment in witnessing these athletes flourish in diverse roles — be it as prestigious stallions, nurturing broodmares, captivating show horses, therapeutic allies, or cherished companions. 


Our stewardship extends beyond the confines of the racing circuit, affording us a unique opportunity to champion the welfare and evolution of the Thoroughbred.


Over 70,000 people have enjoyed the experience of owning a racehorse through the MRH platform and we recognize the profound impact of collective action.


MyRacehorse and our esteemed global partners remain unwavering in our commitment to the health, safety, and long-term careers of the Thoroughbred.We believe it is not only morally correct but also the most important element to ensure the viability of racing and maintain our social license to operate.


In addition to our Retail With A Purpose program, MRH will continue donating a percentage of every share sold to transitioning horses to second careers, an effort that has been in place since MyRacehorse sold its very first share in 2018.


Empowered by our “Retail with a Purpose” platform, we can swiftly mobilize to support not only our horses but also transitioning racehorses worldwide.

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retail with a purpose

Now with our “Retail with a Purpose”— an initiative that empowers our passionate ownership group to play a pivotal role in the transition of equine athletes from racing to second careers and previously established percentage of share sales sourcing the fund, we can continue to focus on bridging the gap from racing to second careers.


The Retail With A Purpose program consists of a series of auctions featuring experiences and one-of-a-kind memorabilia that owners can bid on within a 7-day window. With 100% of proceeds directed to the MyRacehorse Transition Fund, we can continue efforts to aid in the seamless transitions of our beloved athletes into their next chapters of life.