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Royal Ascot Experience - FAQ's

Can I use my cellphone while there?

Yes. Coverage is excellent throughout England and roaming agreements are in place with most international phone carriers.

What is internet access like in England?

  • Wi-Fi is readily available throughout England in cyber cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and beyond.

Are credit cards accepted there?

  • Yes. All the major cards are widely accepted.
  • Taxis accept cash and card for payment. In London, payment is by debit or credit card.

Is tipping customary in England?

  • Most hotels and restaurants add service charges to their bill. For those that don’t include it, a tip is always appreciated.
  • Hotels: People often tip porters.
  • Restaurants: It is customary to leave 12% – 15% of the bill as a tip when eating out. 
  • Taxis: It is polite to round up your taxi fare to the nearest pound for black cabs and licensed minicabs

What will it cost for a beverage or meal?

  • Cup of Coffee costs an average of £2.55 ($3.25 USD)
  • Three-course meals for two at a mid-range restaurant is £57.25 ($73.00 USD)
  • Imported 0.33 liter bottle of beer from a shop is about £2.27 ($2.89 USD)

Can I drink the water in England?

Yes, filtered water is always available and tap water is safe.

Is it safe to travel to England?

  • According to the U.S. State Department, England is as safe as many of the most popular tourist destinations around the world such as the Bahamas and France. There are currently no Covid-related restrictions on international travel to the UK.

Are there dress code rules in England?

  • Please see the event dress code for proper attire for each location.

What airport should I fly into?

Heathrow airport is generally the most convenient.

What are the typical flight durations from the United States to England?

Typical flight durations from the United States to England?

  • From New York: 6h 40m
  • From Chicago: 8h 25m
  • From Miami: 9h 22m
  • From Los Angeles: 11h 24m

What is the currency exchange?

  • As of December 2023, the US Dollar (US$) to British Pound (GBP) exchange rate is USD $1 to 0.78 GBP.

What is ATM access like?

Locations: ATM access in England is generally excellent to locate and all ATM’s belong to the LINK network.

Charges: There are two types of ATMs in the UK: free and pay-to-use. The vast majority are free. Independently operated machines can charge around £3 to £5 per ($3.82 – $6.38 USD) transaction.

Is alcohol allowed in England?

  • Tourists are allowed to drink at licensed hotels, bars and restaurants in England.

What are some siteseeing places to visit in London?

#1: The City / The London Bridge / The Tower of London

#2: Buckingham Palace

#3: Historically-significant pubs (and there are lots):

Many famous authors and musicians from Charles Dickens to Paul McCartney did their best work in pubs. You may want to pay a visit to Mark Twain’s favorite Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.

#4: The London Eye:

A giant observation ferris wheel with stunning 360° degree views of London from the top, is located on the south bank of the River Thames. It has become a permanent resident of the London skyline since it was built in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium.

#5: Hyde Park / Speakers Corner:

Hyde Park is a stunning retreat from the metropolitan hustle and bustle of central London, and features everything from majestic swans to the Princess Diana memorial. 

#6: The Natural History Museum

#8: The Globe Theatre

#9: Big Ben / Westminster Palace

How does the Tube work?

The Tube is similar to most other subway systems. There are 11 lines that zip throughout London and operate from 5 AM to midnight every day, although certain lines do run 24-hours on Fridays and Saturdays. 

To use the Tube, buy an Oyster Card. It costs £5 to buy (you can purchase Oyster Cards inside stations) and you can refill it as you 

Pro tip: Your Oyster Card will also work on buses and express transit to and from Heathrow and Gatwick airports. 


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