MyRacehorse is an innovative racehorse ownership platform that has fulfilled the dreams of thousands of racing fans across the globe by offering affordable ownership. Perks include weekly updates on your horse’s progress, access to industry-leading trainers and jockeys, and opportunities to attend exclusive owner events during the biggest racing weekends of the year! MyRacehorse offers a truly unique experience that is perfect for the adventurous horse lover in your life.  


Purchasing a gift card is easy! MyRacehorse offers both physical gift cards delivered in the mail and digital gift cards that you can download instantly. Ready to win the title of “greatest gift giver this holiday season”? Simply follow the below steps to get started! 


1. Select a digital or physical gift card

2. Choose your desired amount from the dropdown 

3. For digital gift cards, fill out recipient name, email and your message to be delivered via email instantly

4. REGISTER for a free account to checkout

5. Proceed to checkout to complete your purchase!

Terms & Conditions for Gift Cards: gift cards do not have an expiration date and are not redeemable for cash. They can only be used for purchase of merchandise, events or shares in a horse* through the My Racehorse app or website; and the recipient user of a gift card is subject to the same subscription process as investors that subscribe for cash and must meet requirements to be “qualified purchaser” to buy shares in a horse. *’Shares in a horse’ means interest in a MyRacehorse Series that owns a particular horse or group of horses. For more information and detail, please see Offering Circular related to the offering.