Top 10 Things to Know about MyRacehorse Before Investing

MyRacehorse is the first of its kind micro-share racehorse ownership platform. Since launching nationally in July of 2019, tens of thousands of racing fans have begun their journey into owning a fractional interest in a racehorse. Before you invest here are the top 10 most common questions we receive.


Are there ever any requirements to invest more after my initial investment?

The short answer is No.

The top concern we heard from aspiring owners was they feared the unknown regarding training and care cost. All MyRacehorse micro-shares are all-inclusive, meaning there are never any additional investments required.


Can I make a profit?


This is an equity investment, you are entitled to not only your share of the race winnings (minus expenses), but also any revenue that is generated post career. For horses that have demand by the breeders, MyRacehorse will sell the horses privately or at auction and disperse the proceeds back to the shareholders.


Can I get into the paddock and/or Winner's Circle?

Of course.

We use a lottery system to provide race day owner credentials to access to the paddock or Winner's Circle. We often provide 8-10 paddock passes and anywhere from 20-200 Winner's Circle passes. It all depends on the track and the day. The app and website will always have the specific information on a given race. 


Is it legal, is it safe?

MyRacehorse only offers investment opportunities that are qualified by state and/or federal regulatory entities. We use a Regulation A for our offerings which requires fully transparency and disclosures, including bi annual audits of our financials.


Do micro-share owners have access to the barn/stable area?

You can access the backside/stable area to visit your horse through one of our escorted tours.  We do them often and they are free, you just need to register on the app as spaces are limited.


I have an owner license , do I need to enter the lottery, can I visit the MyRacehorse horses on my own?

Part of the terms of investing on MyRacehorse is that all investors agree that they will only access the paddock, barn and winner's circle with MyRacehorse credentials. Although your owner badge grants you access to these areas, you will need MyRacehorse credentials to join our paddock, winner's circle and visit our horses on the backside.


Are there any other owner perks?

Tracks have been very supportive, often providing MyRacehorse owners discounted/free admission and seating upgrades. 


If my horse wins when do I get paid?

When a horse earns more money that is needed for their "pre paid training account" investors receive their share of the winnings directly through the app via the MyRacehorse Wallet. 


Are the horses "marked-up"?

MyRacehorse does not mark-up the horses, you see exactly what we pay for the horse. There is a 15% diligence fee for each offering. The fee is already included in the price per share. Once your horse begins racing and earning revenue, MRH charges 10% of revenue. 90% is returned to the shareholders.


What is a Premium Share?

Instead of our regular 0.1%, Premium Shares are 5% interest in a horse. As a Premium Shareholder, you will be given extra perks, like a private barn tour, a MyRacehorse gift box, a commemorative gift from the horse, and guaranteed paddock and winner’s circle passes every time they are distributed (no need to enter the lottery) and more.