Star Six Nine, a 2019 Dialed In gelding purchased by MyRacehorse at the 2021 OBS March Sale, received an unfortunate diagnosis from Dr. Jeffrey Berk, and we were saddened to report to our owners that Star Six Nine would likely never be a riding horse again. 

Wobbler Syndrome is a neurological disease that affects a horse’s mobility and therefore the prognosis was not favorable for Star Six Nine to continue on as a racehorse. With that diagnosis, he was immediately retired. 


Star Six Nine was subsequently moved to Silver Springs Stud, where he enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine, and green grass while under close supervision. Due to his condition, the options were quite limited and moving ahead with planning was widely reliant on how he regressed or progressed in the following weeks/months. 


We are pleased to report that Star Six Nine’s condition improved at Silver Springs and he was lucky enough to receive lots of treats from his loving owners! He was a bit skeptical of his Jolly Ball to begin with, but enjoyed playing with it. He was spoiled by his choice of treats, but his favorites seemed to be the banana-flavored nuts, along with the classic peppermint.


Star Six Nine is a wonderful horse with a great personality and owner Joey Nimrod gave him his forever home! We were overjoyed to see a strong bond developing between Star Six Nine and his owner when we last checked in with the pair.