Supporting second careers

To support our longstanding commitment to the welfare of horses who graduate through the MRH program, we are thrilled to launch a new ‘Retail With A Purpose’ program that will empower owners to contribute to the rehoming and second careers of their horses.  


MyRacehorse and our global owners are committed to the health, safety and long term careers of the thoroughbred. We believe it is not only morally correct, but also the most important element to ensure the viability of racing and maintain our social license to operate. To date, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars for aftercare and have successfully transitioned X runners to various aftercare programs across the country.


Now, with our new Retail With A Purpose program, auctions will be facilitated regularly through the MRH shop platform featuring new items each month. Bidding will take place within a 12-hour window and once closed, MyRacehorse will announce funds raised. 100% of funds raised will be used to further assist in the rehoming and safe transition of MRH horses after the racetrack. This includes second-career training programs, retirement donations, claiming horses to place them into aftercare, and sponsoring horses for programs such as CKRH. 


Scroll below to follow MyRacehorse Alumni stories and click HERE to browse available auction items to bid on today!

Our PRogram is ever-evolving!

As we continue to build upon our commitment to aftercare, we welcome all recommendations as well as requests to adopt our horses. 

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to,

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