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MyRacehorse FM, the place to be when it comes to hearing from the experts surrounding MyRacehorse and our runners.

Here you'll find:

Insights from race experts previewing an upcoming MRH runner. 


Think speed maps, the predicted pace of the race, the quality of opposition and the overall expectations of your runner.

Expert analysis using intricate data to provide an insight as to how your horse has run.


This could be against the quality of opposition, market expectations, the speed of the race, what mid-race moves were made that changed the complexion of the race and more.


While also providing the latest as to where your runner may be heading next!

The team catch up with one of the expert trainers that are at MyRacehorse’s disposal taking great care of your runner/s.


Providing a trainer insight and the latest on MyRacehorse’s runners under their watchful eye.

With MRH FM continually expanding, the above is just the beginning!

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