Winning at last!

I owned a standardbred mare and her foal 30 years ago, the foal of which was trained for harness racing, ran 2nd place once and had to be euthanized due to genetic OCD from the mare. It was a great experience. Owned 2 Thoroughbreds from both Whirlaway and Secretariat sire lines, used for jumpers, but both were racehorses. Loved visiting Kentucky, Churchill Downs and breeding farms but never really wanted to get back into owning horses again until we watched the Kentucky Derby this year and noticed one of the horses was owned by My Racehorse…well, I’m now the proud fractional owner of 1st time maiden winner Straight No Chaser and get to help choose a name for another of my 7 stable horses (which is the leading choice so far) so my dream has already come true. To own a winning racehorse! Thank you for this unique ownership opportunity!