“Why Do Horses Get Time Off”

A bit of a coincidence, because I have been thinking of writing what follows for some time now… I was so pleased to read “Why Do Horses Get Time Off”. As MyRacehorse grows and adds more shareholders, I’ve been concerned that the possible criticism of a small minority of participants – either through impatience or a lack of understanding of just how difficult it is to get a thoroughbred to the racetrack – would cause the company to abandon offering young unraced horses to the public, to focus exclusively on those that have (successfully) made it to the track. I, for one, love the process – and the uncertainty, the positive developments and the setbacks – of bringing a young horse to the races. Obviously there will – and have! been – great successes (and it’s not a cliche to believe those successes are all the sweeter for having taken a period of time to achieve), as well as less-than-perfect results. My goodness, isn’t that what life is all about? And honestly, how can anyone disagree with the philosophy of “putting the horse first”?
MyRacehorse has literally been a dream come true for me, giving me an opportunity to participate in something I never thought possible…
Wishing everyone all the very best in 2022!