What MRH means to me

In the early 60’s my Dad bought a few race horses. The first was a grandson to Man O’War called Peak O’Glory. “Peako” was a 6 year old gelding that cost $1,000 and was recovering from bowed tendons and other ailments.

If my Dad was discouraged he never showed it because he was living his dream. “Peako” was 17 hands & beautiful. It was about a year before he won a race……..you would have thought my Dad had won the Kentucky Derby instead of a cheap claiming race at Rillito Park in Tucson!

As a 15 year old boy these were the best years of my life because the time I spent with my Dad.

Over the years my Dad never “broke even” but that’s the point…….you just can’t put a price on a “thrill of a life time experience”.

Now that I’m older I love MRH because now I can share this “thrill of a life time experience” with my daughter…..and that’s worth a million dollars to me.

Special thanks to all the MRH staff who work long doing such an excellent job!