I am excited to own a small share in two horses through MRH. I recently traveled to Lexington area and went to Keeneland Racetrack. I contacted MRH and Keeneland ahead of time. Both entities informed me that I would not be able to see the filly who is there, of whom I own a small share. I was disappointed. I wanted to just see her and feel the excitement of being near a racehorse that I made an investment in. I realize it’s a very small investment, but I still thought it would be possible to see her. I wasn’t thinking of hanging out for long, or bringing her treats and getting tons of pictures with her. I just wanted to see her. I think it would help people engage in this if they were able to visit these horses. At the same time, I understand that the trainers have to protect the horses and stay focused on the task at hand. Perhaps if there were “visiting protocols” established, then this process could feel more widespread and accessible among many microshare owners.