Super Stable

As an investor in the Super Stable, all I can say is what a way to be involved as a small-time owner in not one, but 26 of them! With Tanto, American Liaison and Sting Jet already doing well, the future looks like a lot of fun for myself and fellow owners.

It won’t be too long before we have a winner on our hands. There is not a lot of Tanto, but what there is, is quality. Tanto will win a race if not this prep definitely next prep. Her performances of late in town on a Saturday look promising. Would not surprise to see her win a Saturday metro race at some stage.

Keep up the good work Matthew and the team, a Super Stable winner is on the not too far away. I have no doubt the first winner will be the start of things to come with some quality animals still to show their stuff.

Good luck fellow owners, we have a lot to look forward to.
A great concept and I am very happy to have taken the opportunity.