I absolutely loved what you wrote about Provocateur in the most recent Weekend Wrap!… the importance of patience. My first (and so far only… what a thrill, by the way) visit to the paddock was late Fall 2021 for Provocateur’s initial start on the dirt. I saw an under-sized, somewhat frightened-looking animal and it saddened me (not for any financial reason, but for the horse). While not winning the race, he actually ran much better than I expected him to. Well, fast forward to early 2022 and Provocateur’s first start at Tampa Bay Downs. What a remarkable change in the horse’s demeanor, his obvious self-confidence. And his “body language” (and on-the-track results) has only gotten better with each subsequent start. I truly believe all of the credit – and the ability to be “patient” – on the part of MyRacehorse and Todd Pletcher and his team is the reason we are celebrating Provocateur’s success today!