“Once” in a Lifetime?

When Authentic won the Breeders’ Classic last year, I thought it was likely a once in a lifetime experience and could only hope it might happen again… someday. Just a year later, I owe shares in five — count ‘em, FIVE — horses that are being entered this weekend in “win and you’re in” races for the Breeders’ Cup. There’s a sixth entered that I don’t own in, and a seventh that has already won a “win and you’re in” stakes. Regardless of how they do, and how many or few actually participate on Breeders’ Cup day, it seems quite a remarkable accomplishment for any ownership group, let alone one that has been in existence for such a short time. I hope you all at MyRacehorse are able to pause and appreciate just how much success this innovative concept has had. I’m in awe.