I have been fortunate that the majority of my horses have made it to the track. A few had some health issues that delayed them but most have raced. Never thought a 400k horse would get sent to the claiming ranks that quickly. The returns are very disappointing and I would love to know how many repeat customers you have. From what I have read and experienced, tells me there are a lot of one and outs like I will be. I am involved in a few partnerships and although a little more of an expense it is a much better financial experience. After experiencing both, my advice to someone looking to invest would be save up a few more dollars and go that route rather than MRH. As other reviews have stated, if you just like saying you are an owner, and you are ok with pennies on the dollar and a really good chance of not getting your principle back then this is perfect. I get the idea of trying MRH but once you realize how the returns work you will understand. I tried it to see how it might compare to my other partnerships and there is no comparison, save your money.