I’ve been reading the reviews. We moved to Louisville last year to be near granddaughters. I’ve always had a casual interest in racing but never serious. My idea of a good race is the Cowboy way, to the big oak tree and back! I grew up riding and still miss my horse “Smokey” 50 years later.
After watching the broadcasts for the last few days and all the back of track experiences, we have gotten more interested. And, of course with Mage winning the Derby and the publicity that brought to micro-shares, my son and I started researching and discovered MyRacehorse.
Knowing what it cost just to maintain a pleasure horse 50 ago, I realize even a small profit is near impossible for most “investors”
Living on little more than social security, we will never be more than small shareholders, but as others have said, just the excitement of “that’s my horse” brings a lot of fun is a good topic of conversation.
Now that we live in a suburban town near Louisville, and with a pastor freind that is a Chaplin to the Back of Track ministry, I plan to be more involved in the horse community.
Looking forward to being a part of the MyRacehorse community.