Need more patience

when I got my shares I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.Had followed these transactions and did a lot of thinking,specially what horse can I afford or do I want.When Tizamagician showed up I knew that he was the one.I live close to Coalinga and Harris Ranch and remembered Tiznows Days.A friend of mine who works at Harris Ranch told me I was on the right track.I also got to meet California and his parents there which was a treat. I am happy every time I see Tizzy and hope for the best for any race.Not being able to do the Dubai World Cup was a set back and understandably finances played a big part.However seing him perform at the Pacific Classic gave me lots of confidence in his fueter,specially in the capabable hands of Team Mandella.I just do hope that I get to meet this beautiful creature some day