Let down

My fiancé purchased shares of Search Engine. We had a trip planned to Louisville from out of state and we found out he would be making his debut the weekend we were in town. We were beyond excited and entered the lottery for tickets. We won tickets to the Roses Lounge and received an email from MRH stating to pick up the tickets at the Will Call window under my name. We dressed as if we would be watching the races from the lounge. When we arrived at Will Call they had no tickets for us, there was also another gentleman and his wife waiting for their tickets. We both showed the emails and attempted to contact MRH, but no luck. When we asked about purchasing tickets to the same area, they were sold out. Needless to say I was never contacted back by MRH and had to hear from my other half how MRH was a joke and a scam all night instead of enjoying my time at the races. If these perks are going to be offered as part of the package then have controls in place to ensure the events go off smoothly, as well as a customer service rep that can help resolve any issue as they occur.