King for a day:)

So I was reading through some MRH reviews and wanted to share my two cents with readers about my experience with MRH and what small investments work for me. Disclaimer: I am a .001 share owner of Kentucky Derby Winner Authentic. Since his 2 for 3 run for the Triple Crown I think I have seen a $4 ROI on my ~$200 investment of .001 shares in Authentic. However the bragging rights I have had ever since has been absolutely priceless. My suggestion to those reading these posts and considering a small investment in MRH horses? If you want to invest? Don’t invest in horses! If you want to own a racehorse…then go buy a racehorse but good luck with that. If you want to pay for the chance to join the King of Kings…even for just one day? Than buy a chance with a share in every MRH racehorse you can because MRH will win the big one again and I hope it’s with a horse you own! The feeling really is priceless…doesn’t matter if you own just 1/1000th of the horse. The fact is…you become a King (or Queen) for a day:). This is an entertainment and educational investment first and foremost. See you in the Winners Circle someday:)