Hero Status / Straight No Chaser Barn Visit

Dear MRH Team!!

What an absolute treat!! I signed up for the lottery to go on a Barn Visit!! BOOM!! Won it!! What made it so sweet was that i own shares in Hero Status and Straight No Chaser and i even bought my girlfriend some gift shares and one of her horses happens to be Hero Status!! So she loved the news too!

So off we go to Santa Anita for this fun field trip!! West Coast Racing Manager Joe Moran who i think is Top Notch in everything he does at MRH was there and Randy and they kept everyone safe as some just have to always veer off track as they do in the original Willy Wonka movie!! Veruka Salt style!! Hah.. Not kidding!
1st out came that handsome boy Straight No Chaser!! He posted at attention for all to admire his statuesque body!!! Let everyone take selfies with him , feed him carrots and pet him up!! He is something special no doubt!! Dan Blacker has clearly done an amazing job with this big guy!! Thank you DB!!

Next, we set off to see Hero Status !! I wish i could include a few videos i took, because they are priceless!! Hero Status , win lose or draw in his upcoming trip to run in the Razorback up in Arkansas is literally busting out of his skin!! Mark Glatt has Hero in fantastic shape!! He is ready!!! This obviously just being my opinion lol.. Not gambling advice!!
What an experience!! I don’t work for MRH, but this is the stuff you can’t put a number on in value!! Its these types of things which if your in this for the right reasons , you will be on top of the moon too!!! We sure were on this amazing private trip to the Barn!!

Thank you Joe and Randy for answering all our questions and making us all feel so safe!! I mean these two horses are Monsters!! Such good Monsters!! The Best!! Love them and Love MRH!!

All the Best,

Chris and Carlisa 💕