Good Experience

MyRacehorse is a great place to get started with thoroughbred ownership. It is also very easy and convenient to become a race horse owner with MyRacehorse. When I first got started with thoroughbred ownership, MyRacehorse was a great place to learn some of the basics. You get to occasionally visit your horse(s) at a farm and if you’re lucky enough, get winner circle/paddock passes when the horse races. I HIGHLY recommend MyRacehorse to any beginner. You can learn a lot about horse racing, thoroughbred ownership, and meet some cool people at various events.
Yes, you pay around double for what a per share would cost off a first hand purchase, as MyRacehorse is a business. However, you get a lot of value out of learning about horse ownership and the experience. This is not something you get into and try to make a bunch of money. In my opinion, spending time around your horse and watching it race (especially if it wins) more than covers the $100 or so you pay for a micro share. If you’re in it for the money only, you’re looking in the wrong place. Unless your horse is a superstar, don’t expect a lot (monetarily).
If you want to have a horse all to yourself, go spend $5k on a nickel claimer and make sure you have at least double of that to take care of the horses needs. MyRacehorse takes care of all that for you. Think about the logistics of horse ownership with racing, training, medical, etc etc.
For the folks who complain about MyRacehorse, where else can you make a ONE TIME $100 payment and mingle with other horse owners, your/visit multiple farms, go into the paddock or winners circle, meet world class trainers, etc??? Don’t take too long to think about it because it doesn’t exist!!! MyRacehorse is a great thing for the thoroughbred industry!