general comment on your aproach to racing horses.

my life long friend “Reed” and i spent many nights when jobs were few and
a reason to live was only “family”. we used to dream of owning a horse and would plan to claim a horse and use play money to see if we could become owners. well today Reed is enjoying the later gifts of life and i am blessed…..because i was able to purchase a share of “straight no chaser” for us both. HogPen has been the name of our make believe company. Hogate-Pendergrass. Life again has meaning and enjoyment because of the great sport of Horse racing.
Reed has a sparkle in his eyes……….Me……i am just happy. thank you for supporting new ways to keep the sport alive and safe for the horse. With out the horse………there would have been no need for the Wheel.+

thank you david Pendergrass