Fun even if it’s not your horse.

Wanted to tell you all how much fun I had watching a friend’s horse win for the first time. I’m friends with an owner of Tap The Gavel, and when he came to our home track, my friend wasn’t able to attend. I went to get her some pix of her boy and I must say, it was a really nice and enjoyable experience being with a group of like minded folks rooting on a horse that you have a little bit of envolvment with. Even though Tappy isn’t my horse (I have a select group of 7 horses I am enjoying owning with MRH) the other owners made a hot, steamy day at Monmouth a pleasure. Of course, it was great to see Tappy win and all the excitement for the owners in and out of the winners circle pix. I haven’t had a horse run where I was present yet, but I know it will happen eventually. And that’s okay, I can wait. I now know how much fun it will be and what to expect. Anticipation is part of the fun. Thanks again to MRH and Tappy’s ownership group.