Fun Diversion w/Young Horses

I bought some shares in a few young horses in order to enjoy watching their progress and some races they are involved with. I have been following TB bloodlines and the “greats” in racing for decades so researching the young horse DNA is fun to me before purchasing a few shares. My job sometimes involves re-training OTTB’s and many a time I have retrieved one from Suffolk Downs or Rockingham Park when they were done racing hoping to give them a different “resume” in the sporthorse world. The updates from MRH about workouts, after race reports, and trainer comments are all great stuff to keep me in the loop of progress and involved with the process. In the future I aspire to attend a live race at Saratoga or Belmont to see one of the New York youngsters race, but till then quite content to watch the races on FS2 on my phone! Thanks for the opportunity to keep involvement in this sport available for regular people!