Fun but Frustrated

I have to vent some frustation. Let me start by saying that I’m grateful to MRH for offering ordinary people the chance to fulfill the dream of owning a racehorse. In my year and a half as an owner I have become acutely aware of the tremendous effort it takes to get a horse on the track. There are so many stumbles along the way. My horses have stumbled quite a bit and I can’t help but get discouraged.

I own 14 horses and only one has run more two races. Four of my horses have been retired and another six are injured. I am fully aware that this is the norm when training thoroughbreds, but it is such a disappointment to open my MRH updates and see another one of my horses is having problems. I am sad and concerned for the horse’s well-being, and of course I want the trainers to take all the time needed to bring the horse back to health… but just once I would like to open the app and see good news.

My message to prospective owners is this: Don’t expect too much. For every Authentic or Tizamagician there are hundreds of Night Combats. With that being said, there is nothing better than seeing your baby trotting in the post parade. Regardless of a win or 12th place, you still saw YOUR baby run.