For your consideration

My family have had shares with Myracehorse for almost two years. We have had shares in 4 horses. An observation is that the significant majority of offerings have been for un-raced horses, and usually two-year olds. In our case, the overwhelming percentage of updates about our horses have revolved around injuries, 60-90 day layoffs, and surgeries. Only two of our four horses have made it to the track for a grand total of 4 races in 2 years. I am wondering if Myracehorse has started to think about purchasing more Horses of Racing age horses who have proven their fitness and soundness in the afternoons. You recently did this with the Adaayinasia, which I thought was terrific. The number 1 thing my family wants to do is cheer on our horses during races. We would like more opportunities to do so. So far, this part of our journey has been underwhelming.