Exciting Times

MyRacehorse, well to say that it was easy to sign up and get verification of my purchase would be an understatement.
I purchased based on pedigree (I looked for an I am invincible sire) and came upon the B Baker trained Infatuation.
To start with, Bjorn has covered all my questions, what a great communicator he is .This is the stuff that makes you feel you are a part owner.
Now to say after Saturday 05/11 run what a horse! 2nd in a million dollar race for its 2nd only official race. My family all rode her home in our lounge room in central Queensland the neighbours would have wondered what all the fuss was about.
Can’t wait for her next run.
To MyRacehorse thanks! I hope in time you sell some named caps or shirts so I can deck the family out! I would love to have a MyRacehorse red cap with infatuation on it.