Exciting hobby

I own microshares in 16 horses. I think my mom has 19/20. My mom is 94 and I’m 72 (disabled veteran) so this is a wonderful way to “own” a racehorse. It’s exciting for race day and hope it is one we can stream live. Are we getting rich…if course not. Are we having a blast together at not much of a cost…absolutely!! Where else can you hand over $100 and have entertainment until your horse retires.
There is one thing that I would really like to see. I have the MRH app and can see race entries. But as soon as the race is over, the horse drops out of that list. Even if I don’t own shares, I’m always interested in how the other MRH horses did in their race in case I don’t get to see it. I would love to see a section where you could check to see who raced and their stats for the week.
Keep up the good work and keep tempting us with the wonderful bloodlines you manage to get for us. And keep working on getting a place for a beneficiary