Dreams Can Come True

Since my childhood I have always wanted to own a thoroughbred racehorse. I ended up in the quarter horse show pen instead. I know my horses. At first I thought this was some kind of scam and I unfortunately missed out on owning shares of some million dollar earners and I kick myself for not being a part of Authentic. But, once I joined the My Racehorse owner ranks only a few months ago…I have had a horse win! Had horses in the top money in all but one Maiden race. This is legit! I finally was able to go to an actual race to see a horse I own shares in and I was treated royally. Going down to the paddock and watching MY HORSE walk by…Mike Smith on board…being there at the finish line and then hearing the comments from jockey and trainer afterwards…Every day I get notifications and videos of workouts and events. I have met other owners and everyone is really great! And the cost? I drop more on the slots or a dinner than what some of my now 12 horses have cost. My only complaint and it is a happy one…I have two racing on the same day! I hope they have different start times! I am giving all my friends gift certificates for Christmas. THEY HAVE GOT TO BE A PART OF THIS! Thank you MRH for this! Now on to the Triple Crown! Now an absolutely real possibility.