Dream Revisited

In the 70s and 80s I owned horses and showed and trained hunters and jumpers on the “A” show circuits in Texas and Florida. My students and horses were on the threshold of making it big. In 1980 my husband passed away unexpectedly, and due to life’s circumstances, I had to give up the horse business and face the reality of raising a son alone without my best friend and love of my life. Because of finances, I never returned to the horses, but always thought one day I would. A couple of years ago I discovered MyRacehorse and I finally have a stable again! I am now old and disabled, but I thoroughly enjoy what this program offers! From the buying process, to naming, to watching development, and enjoying the thrill of the winner’s circle, it is such fun! I still have a pretty good eye for picking the horses, with 3 out of 4 winners, including Authentic. The thrill of watching that magnificent horse cross the finish line in the Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup is worth every penny spent and then some! Every time I see his sire ad on TV I have to remind someone that I am an owner! I am looking forward to my two active horses, Miss Sakamoto and Helicopter Money. Miss S is already a convincing winner and Chopper (Helicopter Money’s nickname) has that look that says, “Here I am boys, step aside!” Cheers to MyRacehorse!