Common men stand with Kings

Common men didn’t stand aside Kings and compete for the biggest prizes in thoroughbred racing until MRH came along. Not only have they brought thoroughbred ownership to the masses; they’ve done so at an incredibly minor cost (Our investments range from $80 to $500 per horse with ZERO future expense). This incredible concept has sparked the interests of thoroughbred racing fans world-wide and for very good reason. We’ve invested in 36 MRH horses to date. We’ve won a Kentucky Derby and a Breeders Cup Classic not to mention a plethora of other big name races. My own wife, who knew little about the sport is now one of the biggest fans. Multiple friends who would never have been involved are now MRH shareholders as well! We’re all having the time of our lives, and for less than the cost of a nice meal.

There were some things the common man’s money just could not buy; now there’s MyRaceHorse. Let ’em loose!! Wooohooo!!!!