Cant get enough of it!!

I love it!!! I have worked at the track and grew up in the racing biz. My last future racer sadly didbt make the track due to a freak accident. I want to get another but I got my old retired racers and I really dont want to take on another for another 30+ years as we keep all of our retired guys until the end. So this was a great way to stay in the game and not have to bring one home and work my life around them. I can travel and visit my favorite tracks. Love the wins pics with my name on it as well. I would love to have some meet ups at Monmouth as well as when I worked on the track having the horses go to the track with a saddle pad identifying the Myracehorse horses that way we can go early mornings and watch them excercise in the morning with out the being in a group. Makes them easier to identify and a marketing tool. Just like the paddock blankets!!! I love the experience and thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it!!!