After a year, I’m happier then ever!

It was just about a year ago that our 17 year old dachshund died and I turned to My Race Horse and the beautiful thoroughbreds to help me through the grief. I was already a horse lover, sponsor and volunteer at a local horse refuge and thought this would be a perfect fit for me. So I invested in a share in one horse … then another … and now I’ve got about twenty in my stable.

About half of my horses race locally in southern California and we participate on Race Day with other owners. This is GREAT fun! The exclusive owners lounge at Del Mar is comfortable and just across the corridor from our designated Stretch Run seats. My husband and I enjoy spending the day there and friendships have been made. At Santa Anita, although there’s no designated lounge, MRH sees to it that special events and seating are offered and so we have fun and make new friends there too!

Of course it’s a fabulous experience to share Race Day excitement with fellow owners and MRH does such a wonderful job to get us engaged and have fun. We are given opportunities to see our horses in the paddock and wow, those Winners Circle photos with our babies are the BEST!

For my horses not in my local circuit, we make our own “event.” I access the races on my computer through my favorite racing site and cast the races to our TV, where we often have friends and neighbors gathered to help us cheer! I serve snacks and beverages and when our horse wins, we get a selfie “Winners Circle” photo in front of the TV’s frozen image of our horse at the finish line and we enjoy a champagne toast. So you can still enjoy Race Day if your horse races across the country!

The frequent updates with reports, videos, pre- and post-race analysis, plus the live updates broadcasts are wonderful. Not only entertaining, but educational!

Sometimes we have the opportunity to visit our horse in the barn or at a “horse resort” when they’re on vacation. My husband and I have enjoyed these tremendously and are grateful when the opportunity comes up.

I don’t invest because I see MRH as a big money making opportunity. It’s BETTER than that! It’s provided us with a lot of fun, entertainment, learning experiences and the chance to make wonderful new friends.

As of today, I have seven friends/neighbors who thought I was having entirely too much fun as a MRH owner and asked me about the program. As a result, they are now owners too … and they tell me they’ve brought others to our family of owners.

And you know, it really is a family. So thank you, MRH, for a fabulous year, for the fun, excitement, memories and such and gee, I can’t wait to see what next year brings!