As a company, MyRacehorse is strongly committed to aftercare through our strategic relationships with several organizations, and work on placing retired runners with exceptional organizations/individuals upon retirement. In 2023, we took our aftercare efforts to the next level by creating our Aftercare Team. This team closely monitors our list of horses that are no longer active MyRacehorse horses, from our fillies who are now living happily as mothers to the next generation of racehorses, to rehomed geldings that are thriving in second careers. This has also meant tracking some of our claimed horses as they continue to race for new connections.

When a race at Parx in early 2024 saw two geldings previously owned by MyRacehorse entered, our Aftercare Team was immediately aware. Although many of our claimed runners have seen success following their departure from MyRacehorse, at the conclusion of Inspector and Salute to America’s last start, it was clear that in this situation, it was time for us to step back in and ensure they both were placed in the best of care.

Thanks to the combined efforts of our Racing and Aftercare Teams, MyRacehorse reacquired both Inspector and Salute to America, and brought them safely back to Kentucky to be officially retired to Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance-accredited Second Stride.

Second Stride is a leading national equine adoption program and a trusted partner within the Thoroughbred racing industry. Serving the Thoroughbreds and people who make the sport of horse racing possible: trainers, owners, partnership managers, handicappers, racing fans, and the adopters who provide forever homes for these horses after they retire. They recently also began serving non-racing Thoroughbreds in need, including broodmares and unable-to-race bloodstock. As they have been accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) since 2011, and are a GuideStar Platinum 501(c)(3) organization since 2019, who have adopted out more than 1,600 thoroughbreds through their program since 2005, we could not be happier with our decision to partner with them in retiring and rehoming our beloved Inspector and Salute to America.

Inspector was made available for adoption following his initial vet appointment and it didn’t take long for someone to recognize his potential! Inspector was adopted just a few weeks after his initial page was launched on Second Stride’s website. 

The staff at Second Stride provided our Aftercare team with some impressive photos of Inspector as he began his retraining as a Three-Day Eventing partner for his new owner and we are very excited to follow his progress in his second career!