Star Six Nine Update

We stopped by Silver Springs today to check in on Star Six Nine. Star Six Nine is enjoying the beautiful Kentucky weather and has been doing well. Effective today MyRacehorse will close out the Star Six Nine series and our parent company Experiential Squared will cover the ongoing care costs for Star Six Nine until we are confident that we can find the best possible home for our beloved Star Six Nine.

Our racing and management team have lined up some additional meetings next week as we continue the search to find Star Six Nine the right spot. This particular horse is a bit more complex case than usual rehoming due to the Wobbler’s condition and we want to ensure we have explored every possible avenue.

Saturday Live Chat

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Saturday’s Hot Topics:

-2-year-olds: Transitioning from Farm to Track Life
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-Search Engine: Patience Paid Off

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Star Six Nine Update

We are pleased to report that Star Six Nine’s condition continues to improve at Silver Springs. Accordingly, since the colt has not regressed and met the necessary score of Grade 3 wobbler status, our insurance company has informed us that they will not pay out the policy or agree to a settlement.

At this time, we will now officially start the series close-out process. We expect to complete the reconciliation and close-out process within the next 45-60 days. As of January 31st, the Star Six Nine reserve account was $113,623. After final bills are received and accounted for, the reserve balance will be distributed as part of the close-out process.

Star Six Nine is a wonderful horse with a great personality and as previously mentioned we are actively looking to find him his forever home. We will continue to provide updates from the farm in the meantime and let you know when his new home has been decided upon.

Star Six Nine Video

The weather in Kentucky has warmed up for a little bit and Star Six Nine seems to be enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures! Please enjoy this video of Star Six Nine enjoying his paddock time at Silver Springs this afternoon.

Star Six Nine Update

Star Six Nine continues to enjoy his stay at Silver Springs in Lexington, KY and we’re currently working with aftercare organizations and industry leaders to find him his forever home. The colt has been stable since his initial diagnosis of Wobbler’s syndrome last fall and the MRH finance team has been diligently working with our insurance broker on the possibility of a claim.

Horses that are diagnosed with Wobblers are assigned a score on a 1-5 grading system (higher being more significant). Star Six Nine was diagnosed by Rood and Riddle (one of the most world-renowned equine hospitals) as a “near Grade 3” which has a horse display mild abnormal gaits/incoordination seen at the walk, mainly when turning the horse. Certain insurance policies have a specific “wobbler” endorsement, which our does; however, in order for a full claim to paid, the horse must reach a Grade 3 level score or present a danger to themselves or their handler. At this time these conditions have not been met, but we continue to explore all possible avenues with our insurer.

While it is very possible that we will not be able to negotiate a settlement, we expect to have a final ruling on this claim towards the end of next week. At that time, we will be able to start closing out the series and return the unused pre-paid training and care costs that were collected in the initial offering. Final accounting, reconciliations, and distributions are expected to take place in late March-early April.

Happy Birthday Star Six Nine

Like all of our horses in the MyRacehorse Stable, today is Star Six Nine’s birthday! We didn’t want this momentous occasion of turning 3 years old to pass without some acknowledgement, and it looks like our son of Dialed In is enjoying his birthday festivities!

Star Six Nine Video

Please enjoy this video of Star Six Nine enjoying his paddock at Silver Springs with his best friend, Pumpkin. Kentucky received rain this week and it looks like Star Six Nine had a field day in the mud!