Who Runs the World Workout

Who Runs the World worked three furlongs this morning in 36.60 seconds. She breezed in the dark, so we were unable to get video of the work but hear what trainer Brad Cox had to say about our Quality Road filly and her progress thus far.

Who Runs the World Update

Who Runs the World breezed three furlongs in 38.4 seconds at Keeneland this morning in company with MRH stablemate Boppy. The Brad Cox barn said today’s work was par for the course for the two stablemates at this stage in their training. We will check in on how Who Runs the World exited her work in the coming days.

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Who Runs the World Worked

Who Runs the World had her first untimed three furlong breeze over the Keeneland main track yesterday morning. Speed is not the focus right now, as she is just getting her foundation put in at this stage of the game. We will follow up in the coming days on how Who Runs the World came out of her breeze.

Who Runs the World Update

Who Runs the World has been introduced to the starting gate at Keeneland. Gate schooling is an extremely important part of the education process. The gates can be intimidating for horses, as it can be quite claustrophobic inside, so getting a young horse comfortable with the process is crucial, as they might have to stand in there for some time, come race day.

Right now, Who Runs the World is walking and jogging out of the gates, before easing into her routine gallop. Once she has mastered this, she will gradually increase speed coming out of the starting gate until she is ready to breeze from there and receive her gate card. Not only is it important to educate at the horse’s individual pace, but having a seasoned gate crew is extremely beneficial, as they will get to know her, know her quirks (if she has any) and be able to customize her gate training to help her succeed. Fortunately, Kentucky’s gate crew is one of the best in the business, so we know she is in good hands.

We will follow up with an update on Who Runs the World’s progress in the coming days.

Who Runs the World Update

Who Runs the World (inside) has graduated to the main track at Keeneland and appears to have settled better mentally. Here she is galloping on the inside of two other horses. Alternating positions when training in company is a crucial component when education young horses, as it teaches them to be comfortable no matter where they are.

With a filly like Who Runs the World, who displayed nervousness with her new surroundings at first, putting them on the inside of company will usually help them focus and become more relaxed, as the inside rail almost acts like another horse, keeping them straight and in closer, more comfortable quarters.

Who Runs the World Update

Who Runs the World (outside) went to the training track for the first time since arriving at Keeneland, training in company with MRH stablemate Boppy (Blame). The pair went “straight on” today, meaning they jogged counterclockwise prior to galloping twice around, opposed to “backing up” by jogging clockwise before galloping. When the babies first arrive to the racetrack, most trainers will have them go straight on for a few days before introducing them to the concept of backing up, which can be intimidating with horses galloping or breezing towards them. This allows them to become acclimated with their new surroundings in similar fashion that they trained on the farm, without throwing too much at them at once.

Who Runs the World started off a little excitable with all of the activity around her and the new experience of training at Keeneland, but she didn’t let her emotions get the best of her and was able to settle nicely. She became more focused once she started galloping and her partner, Boppy, made for great company to help her relax. We look forward to seeing how Who Runs the World progresses as she settles in.