Vow Update

We stopped by Silver Springs yesterday evening to visit Vow, who was enjoying the sunshine and Kentucky grass. After some convincing, our Union Rags filly decided to come say hello!
Dr. Jeffrey Berk is scheduled to check Vow on Monday, and if she receives a good report, we could see Vow have an easy breeze next Friday.

Saturday Live Chat

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Saturday’s Hot Topics:

-2-year-olds: Transitioning from Farm to Track Life
-Chasing Time: Check-In and Look Ahead
-Search Engine: Patience Paid Off

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Dr. Berk on Vow

In case you missed our live, interactive chat with MyRacehorse’s resident veterinarian Dr. Berk on Friday, we’ve got you covered with a clip of him discussing Vow. Click¬†here to watch the full video where Dr. Berk covers a few other topics and horses as well as answers plenty of questions submitted by all of our owners in a Q&A segment!

Vow Update

Silver Springs farm trainer Kevin Noltemeyer noted that Vow had been showing signs of minor discomfort in her hocks causing her to walk a little stiff behind. As a result, MRH resident veterinarian, Dr. Jeffrey Berk examined her and decided that treating her hocks would be the best option for Vow to get some relief. Vow has been hand-walking and should be ready to return to light training very soon. We have included¬†this informative video about injecting hocks by the Equestrian Neightion. We will also have Dr. Berk on our live chat this afternoon and he’ll be discussing Vow and taking any questions.

Sensitive Information Update – MyRacehorse prides itself on being transparent and sharing as much information as possible. However, there are certain updates we believe would be best kept between just our owners. While some things are exciting to share others may give our competition a competitive edge. We kindly ask that this post not be shared on social media.

Vow Update

We are happy to report that Vow is now galloping a half mile daily at Silver Springs. It won’t be too long after trainer Al Stall returns to Kentucky that Vow will rejoin his stable. Please enjoy this video of Vow galloping on this beautiful spring morning in Kentucky.

Vow Update

Another exciting race result from Lady Scarlet, who beat Vow in her debut last fall at Churchill Downs. Lady Scarlet won the Cicada Stakes (listed stake) at Aqueduct yesterday by 4 3/4 lengths, making this two wins in a row. Lady Scarlet is also by Union Rags and is certainly progressing into a very talented filly, which is flattering to Vow, who was beaten less than two lengths on debut while finishing second to Lady Scarlet. We are looking forward to Vow, who continues with her training at Silver Springs, returning to the races!

Click here to read the BloodHorse article about the win, which also has the race replay attached at the bottom.