Tufnel Update

Tufnel is now galloping by himself every day at Paul Sharp’s farm in Ocala. He jogs about three furlongs before galloping 1 1/4 miles daily. He has a very competitive nature when training in company, always wanting to do more and to be in front of his partner.

You will notice in the video that Tufnel is galloping clockwise, or the wrong way. Paul likes to alternate directions throughout the week with his horses to avoid too much physical stress occurring on one side of their body. Additionally, changing things up is good for a horse’s mind.

Please enjoy this video of Tufnel training this weekend and hear what Paul has to say about our colt.

Classic Cut and Tufnel Update

Classic Cut (outside) and Tufnel have spent many of their days at Paul Sharp’s farm training together. We love to see how in unison the duo has become while under tack.

Please enjoy this training video from yesterday’s Ocala yearling tour!

Tufnel Training Update

Tufnel (inside) has been galloping just over a mile for the past few weeks and feeling quite confident. This flashy son by Into Mischief has many of the characteristics of his dad, especially when it comes to showing off. Yearling trainer Paul Sharp believes he will be a late starter based on his training and physical development, similar to his father who didn’t debut until October of his 2-year-old year.

Please enjoy this video of Tufnel training with another MyRacehorse horse, Classic Cut this morning!

Tufnel Gallop Video

Please enjoy this video of Tufnel (outside) galloping at Paul Sharp’s Willow Creek Ranch.

Right now, the main objective in his training is to simply get experience under saddle, develop good manners and to understand the basics of being ridden. Tufnel is developing into a straightforward horse on the track as he is gaining experience.