Tufnel Training Photos

<p>Tufnel (outside) was looking good as he galloped over the main track at Keeneland this morning. Photo credit: Aaron Mattice <img src=”https://cdnb-media.myracehorse.com/blog/image/ImagefromiOS1_1652374593673.jpg” width=”1024″ height=”768″> <img src=”https://cdnb-media.myracehorse.com/blog/image/ImagefromiOS2_1652374600080.jpg” width=”1024″ height=”768″> <img src=”https://cdnb-media.myracehorse.com/blog/image/ImagefromiOS3_1652374607389.jpg” width=”1024″ height=”768″> <img src=”https://cdnb-media.myracehorse.com/blog/image/ImagefromiOS_1652374631737.jpg” width=”1024″ height=”768″> <img src=”https://cdnb-media.myracehorse.com/blog/image/ImagefromiOS4_1652374638204.jpg” width=”768″ height=”1024″></p>

ICYMI: Mid-West Live Chat

In case you missed our interactive, live chat regarding our Mid-West stable last week, fear not! Above you can see a clip of our team discussing your horse, Tufnel. To watch a replay of the entire show, click here.

Saturday Live Chat

MRH Partners,

Join us this Saturday, April 30th at 12:30 PM EST as our team chats with you about your horses stabled on the Mid-West circuit. Over the coming weeks, we’ll go circuit by circuit where our team will discuss 3 Hot Topics and then open the floor for questions, discussions, and debates.

Saturday’s Hot Topics:

-2-year-olds: Transitioning from Farm to Track Life
-Chasing Time: Check-In and Look Ahead
-Search Engine: Patience Paid Off

This interactive chat allows MyRacehorse partners to ask our team questions directly.

To submit your questions and attend the chat, please click this link here. The password is “MidWest”.

Tufnel Update

Following up on our last update, Tufnel has been jogging for the last four days at Keeneland. Fortunately, Tufnel’s setback is very minor and he is still able to train. Although it may not seem like much, jogging is actually very good for horses – mentally and physically – and it will keep Tufnel from losing fitness while he is taking it easy.

For horses who might be sore, light exercise will prevent them from getting tight, help them heal and strengthen their body. You could compare this to a person who is sore after running, where walking and being active will help their muscles or shins recover.

Tufnel Update

Tufnel continues to enjoy himself at Keeneland, but did exit his first breeze with some pressure in his ankles, or puffiness. He X-rayed clean, but assistant trainer Tessa Bisha says that he will be jogging and galloping for a while before breezing again. As big and beautiful as Tufnel is, he is physically immature, so it’s important that he isn’t pushed into speed work before he is ready.

This is very minor, but it’s important to understand how normal little setbacks can be when 2-year-olds ship to the racetrack. Their training becomes more serious, along with the surface being much different and deeper than what they trained over at the farm. With these two factors combined, small setbacks or soreness can be expected to happen along the way.

Slightly backing off of Tufnel’s training will allow his body to mature and better adjust to the new track, allowing him to get fitter in preparation for speed work. Enjoy these photos of Tufnel gate schooling last week.

Inside Scoop – Tufnel

Listen to Wire to Wire hosts Nick “Sarge” Hines and Christina Blacker talk about what it takes to get a 2-year-old to the racetrack, touching specifically upon Tufnel. Tufnel is a particularly precocious 2-year-old, and our hosts talk about what makes the difference between an early maturing 2-year-old and one who takes a bit more time to progress.

To watch the entirety of April’s Wire to Wire show, click here.

Tufnel Update

Tufnel continues to gallop professionally on the main track at Keeneland. This morning, he was able to get experience being in the middle of two horses.

As 2-year-olds develop, trainers will alternate what position they gallop and breeze in, to make sure they are comfortable no matter where they are placed. It sounds simple, but this is a very important part of teaching a horse how to be a racehorse and prepare them for a race.