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Join us this Saturday, April 30th at 12:30 PM EST as our team chats with you about your horses stabled on the Mid-West circuit. Over the coming weeks, we’ll go circuit by circuit where our team will discuss 3 Hot Topics and then open the floor for questions, discussions, and debates.

Saturday’s Hot Topics:

-2-year-olds: Transitioning from Farm to Track Life
-Chasing Time: Check-In and Look Ahead
-Search Engine: Patience Paid Off

This interactive chat allows MyRacehorse partners to ask our team questions directly.

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Cable Boss Update

Cable Boss is about ready to begin his 30 days of turnout as part of his next stage of recovering from getting cast in his stall last month. After that, he will be ready to resume training at Bridlewood Farm.

We know it can be frustrating to have to hit the pause button more than once with exciting 2-year-olds such as Cable Boss. However, with a horse as big and growthy as he is, we believe that the patience will reward us and the time off will benefit him in the long run.
Hear what farm trainer Meda Murphy has to say about Cable Boss’ current status.

Cable Boss’s Spa Day

Cable Boss has been receiving spa treatments in the saltwater spa at Bridlewood Farm to help with inflammation in his tendon which has dramatically improved. As you can see from the video he enjoys his spa treatment very much and is quite relaxed!

Cable Boss Update

We received the final findings from Cable Boss’s ultrasound, which revealed the following: “The left front superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) was normal in size and fiber pattern. The right front SDFT was enlarged with evidence of acute inflammation within the tendon fibers mostly in the proximal (toward the trunk of the horse’s body) aspect of the tendon. There was no fiber damage noted on the scan. This tendon should respond to anti-inflammatory treatment and time out of training.” The report came from Dr. Kent Cantrell of Ocala Equine Hospital.

With the favorable prognosis, it has been recommended by Dr. Cantrell that Cable Boss hand walk for three more weeks followed by small paddock turnout for one month. A progress ultrasound will be done in six weeks’ time to ensure the tendon is healing correctly. We will keep the colt’s partners updated on his progress along the way.

Cable Boss Update

Veterinarian Dr. Kent Cantrell of Ocala Equine Hospital just preformed an ultrasound on Cable Boss. The preliminary findings thankfully did not reveal any fiber damage. However, as expected the right front does have some tendonitis. We are waiting on the comprehensive report and once we receive it we will be sure to issue an update.

Cable Boss Update

We checked in with Bridlewood trainer Meda Murphy this morning to see how Cable Boss was healing. Meda reported that the swelling has continued to diminish and he was re-examined by their resident veterinarian this morning. Bridlewood’s vet recommended that we wait until Tuesday to take the ultrasound, allowing more time for the inflammation to subside in order to get a more accurate look at the tendons in his forelegs. Meda also reported that she is “super optimistic with the way it has been healing.”

We will report back with an update once we have more information.

Cable Boss Update

Cable Boss is up to galloping 1 3/8 miles at Bridlewood Farm and was almost ready to breeze, but farm trainer Meda Murphy said our colt got cast in his stall on Saturday, meaning Cable Boss got too close to the wall by either lying down or rolling, which restricted his movement and prevented him from being able to get up on his own. When he tried to get his legs underneath him to get up, he banged his front legs, which produced inflammation in the tendons. Meda is working on getting the inflammation down before having an ultrasound done on his tendons as a precaution to make sure there is no significant damage. As long as the ultrasound comes back clean, he will resume training and shouldn’t be far away from breezing. Hopefully, this is a minor setback, as we are very pleased with his progress since returning to training.

We will follow up with an update once we have his results. Please enjoy this recent photo of Cable Boss looking stellar at Bridlewood!

Cable Boss Update

Cable Boss benefited from his short vacation at Bridlewood Farm and has done well since returning to training. Farm trainer Meda Murphy says that for being such a big, leggy colt, it’s important that he fills out throughout his body. Hear what else Meda had to say about Cable Boss.