Inalatteoftrouble Update

Following up on our last update, the report from the gastroscopy, performed by Dr. Wes Sutter reveals that Inalattetrouble has grade 3 stomach ulcers, which explains why she hasn’t been able to maintain a healthy weight. Equine gastric ulcers are rated on a scale of one to four, with grade 4 being the most intensive. To treat the ulcers, Dr. Sutter recommends putting her on GastroGard. We had previously shared that Inalattetrouble was already on GastroGard, but we misreported and she was actually being treated with a generic brand of ulcer prevention medication while in training.

Additionally, Dr. Sutter performed a routine lameness exam and diagnostics, in which he found that our filly had bone bruising in three of four limbs: left hind, right hind and left front. The bone bruising will heal with 60-90 days out of training, however, Dr. Sutter says the prognosis is guarded with regard to the filly’s racing career since this is Inalattetrouble’s second physical setback and she has not raced yet. Horses who have moderate bruising prior to racing, like Inalattetrouble, don’t generally fully overcome the issue to safely compete and stand-up to the rigors of racing.

We will be in contact with our co-owners, Spendthrift Farm, to discuss Inalattetrouble’s future and the best plan for the filly going forward. In the meantime, she has shipped to Silver Springs Farm in Lexington, Ky. for her recovery.

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Inalatteoftrouble Update

As we have previously reported, Inalattetrouble is having trouble keeping weight on even with the addition of supplements to her diet and treatment, such as the use of GastroGard. As part of an examination to rule out any areas of concern in Inalattetrouble’s stomach, we shipped her to Dr. Wes Sutter of the Kentucky Equine Hospital yesterday afternoon to have her stomach scoped. The diagnostics will take place today. Once we have received the veterinarian report, we will issue you a follow-up update.

Sensitive Information Update – MyRacehorse prides itself on being transparent and sharing as much information as possible. However, there are certain updates we believe would be best kept between just our owners. While some things are exciting to share, others may give our competition a competitive edge. We kindly ask that this post not be shared on social media.

Inalattetrouble Update

Over the winter, Tom Drury’s biggest concern and challenge with Inalattetrouble has been keeping weight on her. She is a tall, naturally light filly, but keeping appropriate weight is crucial for a horse’s overall health.

After several efforts to get our Into Mischief filly to put on weight – including additional feed, hand grazing, weight gain and stomach supplements and backing off of her training – Tom isn’t happy with her current condition.

Inalattetrouble has been training all winter in preparation for her racing career, but it wouldn’t be healthy to push her in training or race her if she is unable to keep weight.

We will be in touch with Spendthrift Farm and Tom regarding a plan for Inalattetrouble.

Inalattetrouble Workout Report

Inalattetrouble had her first five-furlong breeze yesterday morning at Skylight Training Center while working on the outside of company, with the duo stopping the clock at 1:02.00. Tommy Drury, who was happy with yesterday’s work, says the filly is close to being ready to be transferred to the racetrack, where she will need to have works from the starting gate in order to earn her gate card before she debuts.

As soon as we know more on when she could relocate, we will send out an update. Please enjoy this video from Inalattetrouble’s work yesterday morning.

Inalattetrouble Update

Due to expected rain over the next couple of days, Inalattetrouble will breeze towards the end of the week. Tommy Drury is pleased with the progress of our filly over the winter, saying that she is stronger and more engaged than she was last fall.

Please enjoy these photos of Inalattetrouble on the track prior to galloping this morning.

Inalattetrouble Workout Report

Inalattetrouble breezed a half-mile this morning at Skylight Training Center in 49.20 seconds. Working on the inside of company, our Into Mischief filly traveled the best throughout the work, always keeping her head in front of her workmate.

Her rider, Jose, said that today was her best work to date and he feels the light bulb is starting to come and added that Inalattetrouble’s competitive spirt is now emerging.

Trainer Tom Drury’s assistant, also named Jose, was happy with today’s breeze and in conversation about Inalattetrouble’s overall condition, he said that while her weight is still on the light side, her coat looks good and she is training much better. He acknowledged that it has been a struggle to put weight on our filly since she arrived in the barn, but thinks that she might just be one that will always be on the lighter side, which is not uncommon for some fillies.

Please enjoy this video of Inalattetrouble’s breeze this morning.

Inalattetrouble Workout Report

Inalattetrouble worked a half mile at Skylight Training Center this morning on the outside of company, covering the ground in 51.20 seconds. Her regular rider, Jose, was aboard and said she went very easily. He also believes that once she begins racing, our Into Mischief filly will do well on the grass, due to her training style and how she travels.

Please enjoy this video from Inalattetrouble’s work.

Inalattetrouble Update

Inalattetrouble continues to train well at Skylight Training Center and is scheduled to breeze on Tuesday. We will follow up with a workout report then. Please enjoy this video of Inalattetrouble this morning!