Forbidden Kingdom Update

We are pleased to report Forbidden Kingdom has taken a small step forward and returned to the track yesterday morning. Our 3-year-old colt was ponied, which means he was led by another horse and rider but it was a starting point. Forbidden Kingdom is still scheduled to have a follow up video scope performed later this week which will determine his treatment and schedule moving ahead.

ICYMI: West Coast Live Chat

In case you missed our interactive, live chat regarding our West Coast stable yesterday, fear not! Above you can see a clip of our team discussing your horse, Forbidden Kingdom. To watch a replay of the entire show, click here.

Wednesday Live Chat

MRH Partners,

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Wednesday’s Hot Topics:

Forbidden Kingdom: Check In and Update
Above Suspicion: The Path Ahead
Hero Status: Look back and next target

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Forbidden Kingdom Update

Forbidden Kingdom has started to come along nicely, mentally and energy wise, according to trainer Richard Mandella. “He’s starting to make faces at me again. That’s how I know he’s feeling good,” he laughed.

The colt is currently walking multiple times a day, along with receiving 20-minute grazing sessions on Mandella’s sacred grass. As you will see in the video above, he is walking with tack that has added weights (approximately 100 pounds), which helps replicate a rider on his back and gives him a little more to do other than simply hand-walking.

Being on the cautious side, Mandella still expects it to be another 10-14 days before the colt returns to the track, but he is very happy with the direction we are headed.

Forbidden Kingdom Update

Forbidden Kingdom received his follow up video endoscopy yesterday afternoon and revealed the epiglottis is starting to heal but not quite back to one-hundred percent. The scope showed the swelling under the epiglottis has turned into an ulceration, which was not unexpected. In order to view under the epiglottis, veterinarians have to block the area which allows them to use a tool to lift the epiglottis up.

The 3-year-old colt will remain taking it easy until his throat is fully healed.

Team Mandella will continue to keep us updated on his progress.

Sensitive Information Update – MyRacehorse prides itself on being transparent and sharing as much information as possible. However, there are certain updates we believe would be best kept between just our owners. While some things are exciting to share, others may give our competition a competitive edge. We kindly ask that this post not be shared on social media.

Forbidden Kingdom Update

Forbidden Kingdom has returned to Santa Anita Park following four sessions in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

The barn will still take it easy for at least a few more days before completing another video scope which is scheduled for Monday to check on the progress of the epiglottis.

While we know everyone wants to see him return to the track as soon as possible, that timeline will be determined by the progress made.

Dr. Berk on Forbidden Kingdom

In case you missed our live, interactive chat with MyRacehorse’s resident veterinarian Dr. Berk on Friday, we’ve got you covered with a clip of him discussing Forbidden Kingdom’s diagnosis. Click here to watch the full video where Dr. Berk also covers Forbidden Kingdom’s recovery program as well as answers plenty of questions submitted by all of our owners in a Q&A segment!


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